Oh That Voodoo That You Do

Many thanks to Nancy Shepard for meeting with representatives of Voodoo Fest


City Park Festival Grounds and Track will be closed 10/13 through 11/3

Please use the contact information below if you have any issues with the Voodoo Festival

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504-658-8100 (24 hrs)


Information below courtesy neworleansonline.com

Like most festivals, here in New Orleans and elsewhere, the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience started out small and, over time, exploded into a mega-event spanning several days and drawing big names and even bigger numbers.

Voodoo has booked over 2,000 acts and has drawn more than a million people, along with some of the top acts on the contemporary popular music scene. It is now second only to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in annual attendance figures.

The Event

This year’s Voodoo will take place on Halloween weekend, from Friday, October 27th through Sunday, October 29th.

The festival, which invites attendees to “Worship the Music,” is held annually at the Festival Grounds in City Park. Four unique performance areas, each of which is enhanced by the use of interactive art, will feature top-tier and innovative artists from a variety of musical genres, all of which reflect the multitude of cultures that define the New Orleans demographic.


This year’s lineup is as stellar as it has been in previous years. Voodoo 2017 headliners include Kendrick Lamar, Foo Fighters, The Killers, and dozens more.

Other acts among those announced for 2017 include:

  • LCD Soundsystem
  • DJ Snake
  • Galantis
  • Dillon Francis
  • The Head and the Heart
  • Brand New
  • Miguel
  • Post Malone
  • Cold War Kids
  • Louis the Child

And many more! For a full lineup of musical acts by day, visit the Voodoo Official Musical Lineup.

Voodoo Fest also features a wide variety of food specialties, many of which can only be found in New Orleans and south Louisiana. Artwork and local crafts will also be on hand for display and sale.

The organizers of Voodoo have negotiated special discounted rates with some local hotels for visiting festivalgoers. To view a list of those hotels, along with rates and reservation information, click here.

Due to increased traffic and parking demands, it is highly recommended to take advantage of public transportation to get to and from the fest site. The North Carrollton Branch of the Canal Streetcar Line will take you from downtown right up to the main gates of City Park. You can catch the Canal Streetcar along any one of many stops downtown and ask the conductor for a transfer to the North Carrollton Line. Fares are $1.25 each way, transfers included.

City buses may also be running along Esplanade Avenue that will bring you close to City Park. Check out the streetcar and bus schedules on the Regional Transportation Authority website.

For more details and the most up-to-date information about Voodoo 2017, check out their website at www.voodoofestival.com.

For the most up-to-date information on Voodoo Fest, follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


by Sara Beth Howard


Kayakityat ( http://kayakitiyat.com/ ) is hosting two events on June 20th and June 24th to remove the invasive water hyacinths from the north end of Bayou St John.

Please join your neighbors for some fun and help make a difference on June 20 and June 24

Tuesday, June 20th 12PM to 2PM

Saturday, June 24th 9AM to 11AM

For more information, please visit the facebook pages above or contact Sara at
info@kayakitiyat.com , or call 985-778-5034 or 512-964-9499



Late last Fall, water hyacinths were introduced into the north end of Bayou St. John.
In just six months, it has multiplied many times. It now lines the west bank of Bayou St John from Robert E Lee Blvd to Filmore Ave.
It moves with the wind, so parts have broken off and made their way to other parts of the bayou, likely even beyond the Filmore Avenue bridge.

According to the University of Florida, one plant can grow to cover an acre in one growing season!

This is a very prolific and dangerous invasive aquatic plant that is now threatening the health of Bayou St John. We must carefully manually remove every piece. If one tiny portion of a plant is left, it’ll will become a whole new reproducing plant. We must dispose of it in a place where it dies completely and cannot re-enter any waterways including storm drains that lead back out to Lake Pontchartrain.

This does not only threaten the recreational use of Bayou St. John but, the ecological health we’ve worked so hard to improve.

Kayakityat is coordinating two removal days within a week to in order to ensure the most thorough removal, ideally eradication. It will be up to all of us individually to remove plants as we see them pop up through-out the future.

DAY 1: 12PM to 2PM Tuesday, June 20th. The Barman’s Fund has graciously offered their services.
It is specially scheduled to accommodate service industry folks. Anyone is welcome to join! This will be the bulk of the removal; we’ll get the big obvious patches.

DAY 2: 9AM to 11AM Saturday, June 24th. This removal will be a bit more meticulous.
We’ll have to spread out and look for hidden patches and individual plants along the banks.

Each event will be followed by a swim in Lake Pontchartrain and a bit of lakefront chillin’!

We need the following supplies; any donations are welcome!

2 Pick-Up Trucks that can handle some weight. We need to transport the plants to a composting sight; it may take multiple trips.

Canoes. If you have one, bring it with you. They can hold more plants than a kayak.

Pitch Forks. 3 to 6 at minimum for removal from banks.
Nets with short handles for removal from boats.

Dump Site. Ideally, all this vegetation should be composted. If anyone knows of a business that will take it, let us know.

Anyone with experience removing water hyacinth or taking on similar projects, please share suggestions and/or equipment.

Those interested can contact Sara at 512-964-9499 or info@kayakitiyat.com)



The character Pikachu was seen in Fortier Park this morning.
A character of a different kind was seen sleeping nearby.

pokemon-parkPIKACHU IN THE PARK!

Pikachu (Japanese: ピカチュウ?) are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation. The Pikachu design was conceived by Atsuko Nishida and finalized by Ken Sugimori. Pikachu first appeared in Pokémon Red and Green in Japan, and later in the first internationally released Pokémon video games, Pokémon Red and Blue, for the original Game Boy.

Like other species of Pokémon, Pikachu are often captured and groomed by humans to fight other Pokémon for sport. Pikachu are one of the most well-known varieties of Pokémon, largely because a Pikachu is a central character in the Pokémon anime series. Pikachu is regarded as a major character of the Pokémon franchise as well as its mascot, and has become an icon of Japanese pop culture in recent years.

courtesy Wikipedia



Today there will not be much information regarding this annually celebrated holiday as we do not feel like doing any research. Actually, we do not feel like doing anything at all.  So we are in our hammocks with a couple of good books and glasses of lemonade and iced tea.  Yes, it is National Lazy Day, and we choose to be lazy rather than tell you that this holiday is observed each year on August 10th.



by John Davison at rollingstone.com

This weekend, you might have noticed some people – more people that usual – wandering around staring at their phones. To the untrained eye, it might have just looked like more tourists than usual were descending on your town, trying to follow a digital map to their next location. But those playing Pokémon Go could tell what was going on. Since its initial rollout on July 6th, the app already has more Android installs than Tinder, and will soon have more daily mobile users than Twitter. It’s already caused some skateboard spills, led a girl to find a dead body, and some not-so-clever teens allegedly even used it to lure in victims to rob. But WTF is it?

Developer of hottest mobile game ever is scrambling to deal with its popularity

Technically, it’s a free-to-play, location-based, augmented reality, multiplayer online mobile game that also supports its own custom wearable tech. Huh?
It’s still a Pokémon game, and has roughly the same principles as every other Pokémon from the past 20 years. You look for the critters, catch them, train them and battle with them. What’s different here is that it uses the real world to inform your game experience. The game uses your phone’s GPS sensors to track where you are, and makes use of a stylized Google map as the primary game board. Your character moves in the game as you walk around in real life, and events and objects – known as PokéStops – are associated with specific locations in the physical world. In order to interact with them, you need to actually walk to a particular place, like, in the real world. You can look at the game world through your phone’s display, which serves as a viewfinder that mixes reality with game objects. Hence the term “augmented reality.”

How does that actually play out?
For starters, Pokémon Go comes with no instruction manual, so you’ll have to rely on your intuition (or Google) to figure out just how to catch ’em all. The Pokémon will show up at random, but you will not have to compete with any other players for them. You may also notice certain Pokémon cluster in certain spots – for example, fire Pokémon tend to be found near gas stations, grass Pokémon in parks, and ghost Pokémon after dark. (Though law enforcement recommends that you stick to daylight hours.) The more Pokémon you catch, the more points you score as a trainer. You also score points when you rack up free items at Pokéstops, or when you evolve your Pokémon. Once you’ve accumulated enough experience points to reach Level 5, you can train your Pokémon at the nearest Gym, marked by a wacky-looking laser tower in your map. The Gym will usually be found near a local landmark. Where most people see a pack of weirdos circling a statue and thumbing at their phones, you will see a path to glory.

You mentioned wearable tech?
Walking around all day staring down at your phone may be something you’re used to doing anyway, but it’s not necessarily the safest option if you’re walking around a busy city. Don’t worry, though, your phone will vibrate whenever there is a Pokémon near you, so you won’t miss anything important. If you want to wear something that looks like a kid’s Pokéball watch, there will be an official Pokémon Go Plus wearable released any day now, which is a $35 wrist device that pairs with your phone via Bluetooth, buzzes when you’re near a Pokémon and lets you catch them with the push of a button.

How did all this get started?
The idea for the game was conceived in 2013 by the late Satoru Iwata, president and CEO of Nintendo, and Tsunekazu Ishihara of the Pokémon Company as an April Fools’ Day collaboration with Google called the Pokémon Challenge. Revealed with a slick trailer on YouTube (which has since been viewed over 17 million times), the “joke” launched a fake competition to find 150 Pokémon hidden in real world locations. The trailer showed participants holding up their phones to reveal the creatures through the device’s camera. Little did we know at the time that this would be the premise for the real game launched three years later.

How did it get so huge, so fast?
The game was originally supposed to be rolled out around the world starting in Australia on July 6th, and then it would launch in North America, before moving west to Europe and finally Asia. Things didn’t quite go according to plan though. By the time the game was turned on in North America, demand was so high that it made the game’s servers grind to a halt causing all kinds of problems. The game debuted at Number One on both iPhone and Android, and there were so many people trying to play it that the system struggled. Lots of players found that they couldn’t log in, or if they did, the game would freeze and crash. As a result, the global rollout was paused while things were fixed, which is on set for this week.



Friday Nights at NOMA: Music by The Roamin’ Jasmine

July 29 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

This Friday night at NOMA, check out a cooking demonstration in Cafe NOMA, live music by The Roamin’ Jasmine, and a film screening on designers Ray and Charles Eames, whose work is featured in the current exhibition The Essence of Things – Design and the Art of Reduction: An Exhibition of the Vitra Design Museum.

  • 5 – 8 pm: Art on the Spot
  • 5:30 – 8:30 pm: Music by The Roamin’ Jasmine
  • 6:30 pm: Artful Palate in Cafe NOMA: “Simplifying Sorbet” with Brett Gauthier, Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group corporate executive pastry chef
  • 7:30 pm: Film: Eames: The Architect and the Painter

About The Roamin’ Jasmine

Forged out of the lively street music scene in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the members of Rhe Roamin’ Jasmine found one another busking under the swampy Louisiana sun, along the banks of the Mississippi, or after hours in storefronts on Royal, Frenchmen and Decatur Streets. Inspired by the city’s history of ethnic and musical diversity, and fresh out of music school at University of Miami, bassist, vocalist, and bandleader Taylor Smith began to collect some of his favorite old blues, jazz, and country tunes, while also composing some of his own songs.  Arranging this collection for a six piece jazz ensemble and giving them a healthy dose of New Orleans flavor, he decided to share his work with some like-minded colleagues, and bring it to the streets of New Orleans. The Roamin’ Jasmine repertoire explores 1920’s era speakeasy blues, vintage calypso from Trinidad, seminal 1950’s New Orleans rhythm & blues, and original compositions, all set to traditional jazz instrumentation with original arrangements.

About Café NOMA’s 2016 Artful Palate Summer Cooking Series

Chefs of the Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group will soon demonstrate their own culinary masterpieces at Café NOMA’s Artful Palate, the fifth annual summer cooking series featuring nine artfully inspired demonstrations at the historic New Orleans Museum of Art. Friday evenings are FREE for all café guests and patrons to partake in the presentation, and savor samples as each artful dish is created.

In conjunction with the launch of NOMA’s exhibition The Essence of Things: Design and the Art of Reduction, the talented executive chefs, sous chefs and mixologists of Café NOMA, Ralph’s on the Park, Red Fish Grill, Brennan’s, and Napoleon House will share their culinary vision inspired by the exhibits focus on the art and practice of minimalism. The Artful Palate demonstrations will take a minimalist approach to cooking; featuring local seafood, meats, fruits and vegetables with simplistic recipes highlighting the core of their natural essence.

The Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group is proud to operate Café NOMA, one of the “Best Museum Restaurants in America” according to Travel + Leisure and Food & Wine magazines. Artful Palate is held every Friday night at 6:30 pm from July 15 to September 9. It is free of charge and open on a first come, first served basis. Come early for an evening of enlightening art appreciation — in the very best of taste!

About Eames: The Architect and the Painter

The husband-and-wife team of Charles and Ray Eames are widely regarded as America’s most important designers. Perhaps best remembered for their mid-century plywood and fiberglass furniture, the Eames Office also created a mind-bending variety of other products, from splints for wounded military during World War II, to photography, interiors, multi-media exhibits, graphics, games, films and toys. But their personal lives and influence on significant events in American life – from the development of modernism, to the rise of the computer age – has been less widely understood. Narrated by James Franco, Eames: The Architect and the Painter is the first film since their death dedicated to these creative geniuses and their work.  (85 minutes)


Thursdays at Twilight


Thursdays at TwilightThursdays at Twilight Garden Concert Series begins at 6 p.m. at the Pavilion of the Two Sisters in the Botanical Gardens at City Park located on Victory Drive in New Orleans.


Thursdays at Twilight Concert Series

Schedule of Concerts at the New Orleans Botanical Garden in New Orleans City Park

Thursdays at TwilightWhat: Join music lovers in City Park to hear some of New Orleans’ favorite performers during the “Thursdays at Twilight” concert series. Bring your friends to enjoy this very popular series with an array of musicians and mint juleps indoors at the Pavilion of the Two Sisters. This series is sponsored by the Louis and Virginia Clemente Foundation with support from WWNO 89.9 FM.

Admission is $10 per person. Mint juleps, wine, beer, soft drinks, water, and food are available for purchase. No outside food, drink, or pets are allowed.

Advance tickets are available online at NewOrleansCityPark.com. Advance tickets may also be purchased over the phone at 504-483-9488 or at the Botanical Garden Gift Shop. Thursdays at Twilight Series Season Passes are also available for purchase.

When: Thursday Evenings

5 pm – Gates Open, 6 pm – Performance Begins

Thursdays at Twilight

Where: Pavilion of the Two Sisters, New Orleans Botanical Garden, City Park

Contact: New Orleans Botanical Garden: phone: 504-483-9488 or email: garden@nocp.org

June through August 2016 schedule:

June 2 – John Boutté

Voted Best Male Vocalist of the year at both the Best of the Beat and the Big Easy Awards. His song “Treme” is the theme song of the popular HBO series. Those who were lucky to attend his sold out concert last year were part of a magical night. Don’t miss this year’s show. For more information about the band, visit johnboutte.com.

June 9 – Bon Operatit

Consists of New Orleans opera singers Lauren Mouney Gisclair, Jesse Nolan, and Mary Penick Akin. From La Boheme to Phantom of the Opera, they perform a perfect pairing of opera and musical theatre hits that are sure to invigorate the senses. For more information about the band, visit bonoperatit.com.

June 16 – New Orleans Mystics

Buy your tickets early so you will not miss this show featuring the music of Motown. Songs from the Temptations, O’Jays, Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding will all be part of this soulful tribute to some of the greatest music from the 1970’s.

June 23 – Symphony Chorus of New Orleans

The Symphony Chorus will perform Shubert and Vivaldi in the first half of the concert, and then music about New Orleans and Louisiana in the second half. Should be a great mix of music. For more information about the band, visit symphonychorus.org.

June 30 – Rocky’s Hot Fox Trot Orchestra

Celebrate the traditions of our New Orleans swing era with an energetic, upbeat patriotic concert. The program will include hits from the era of the WWII “greatest generation”, popular modern tunes, and patriotic tributes. This swing ensemble features a full horn section with vocals. For more information about the band, visit rockyshfto.blogspot.com.

July 7 – Chucky C and Clearly Blue

Chucky C’s (Charles Elam, III) charisma has earned him the title, “The King of Feel Good.” This versatile entertainer blends all of his musical influences from jazz to pop, Dixieland to blues and can change gears to satisfy diverse audiences making him a real crowd pleaser.

July 14 – Boogiemen Swing Band

Will be performing the music of Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble’, Harry Connick Jr. and more…..” Don’t miss this special night of music!! For more information about the band, visit boogiemen-nola.com.

July 21 – Ronnie Kole

Jazz pianist Ronnie Kole’s smooth sound and elegant demeanor have earned him respect from musicians across the globe. Kole sharpened his skills in Al Hirt’s club and Kole’s Corner on Bourbon Street. He was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2012 and has recorded 32 CD/LP’s. This New Orleans-based pianist keeps busy performing concerts across the United States, Europe and Asia. For more information about the band, visit ronniekole.com.

July 28 – Ladies of Soul

You know Naydja CoJoe, Rechelle Cook, and Sharon Martin as, “The Ladies of Soul,” having performed at the Garden with The Mystics. They will not only sing a bit of Motown, but also Jazz, R & B, and familiar New Orleans tunes.

August 4 – Bruce Daigrepont

Music came to Bruce at an early age, and in the most traditional manner–handed down from father to son. When he was growing up, no family gathering was complete without a little playing and singing. His father picked the guitar, “Carter Family-style,” while his Uncle Alton lent a remarkable voice to the traditional Cajun songs and old-time country ballads. Bruce Daigrepont almost single-handedly has popularized Cajun music and Cajun dancing in cosmopolitan New Orleans. For more information about the band, visit brucedaigrepont.com

August 11 – Julio and Cesar

Originally from Guatemala, Julio and Cesar Herrera have been in New Orleans for over 30 years. They describe their music as constantly evolving, attributing this, in part, to their exposure from an early age to many cultures. For more information about the band, visit julioandcesar.com.

August 18 – Pfister Sisters

Holley Bendtsen, Yvette Voelker, Debbie Davis and Amasa Miller comprise one of the few groups that represent the New Orleans swing era, with their recreation of the Boswell Sisters arrangements, and the only act featuring vocal jazz harmony. They bring joy to your soul, harmony to your ears, and the best and biggest boogie-woogie to your feet. For more information about the band, visit pfistersisters.com.

August 25 – Mark Brooks and Friends

Mark Brooks is one of New Orleans’ most talented, versatile, and sought after bassist. Mark has played and toured with an array of artists including Dr. John, The Neville Brothers, Henry Butler, Charles and Aaron Neville’s Ensembles, Lou Rawls, Fats Domino, Ellis Hall Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Harry Connick, Sr. Mark is known for his diversity with the different styles of music ranging from Rhythm & Blues, Contemporary Jazz, Traditional Jazz, Blues, and Gospel. For more information about the band, visit markabrooks.net.



City Park is proud to announce the parking lot next to the First NBC sponsored City Putt is complete and ready for patrons’ cars!

The former site of tennis courts, the parking lot will hold 64 cars. New plaza areas have also been built between the entrance to City Putt and the Goldring/Woldenberg Great Lawn.

Many thanks to the visitors who have patiently allowed construction to continue.
It is wonderful to have the parking lot, plazas, and sidewalks completed.

cityputtCheck out City Putt in City Park for family fun

During Father’s Day weekend, June 17th through 19th, tickets for City Putt will be BOGO (buy one, get one free).

Each day of the promotion, players who get a hole-in-one at either of the courses, will have their name placed in a hopper to win a $100 cash gift card (10 winners) or tickets to City Park Attractions (ten winners).

City Putt will also offer free popcorn for our guests playing mini golf.

City Putt is a 36-hole mini golf complex with two courses: the Louisiana Course highlights cultural themes and cities from around the state; the New Orleans Course showcases streets and iconic themes from around the city, with signs detailing the city’s historic sites at each hole. City Putt is 100 percent ADA accessible.

New Orleans City Park wants to send a special shout-out of thanks to First NBC for being City Putt’s title sponsor. The City Park family is so grateful to have First NBC on board!

Looking for a unique location for a birthday party or special event?

City Putt is the only mini golf complex in New Orleans! City Putt’s Clubhouse has
two party rooms available to rent and birthday/event packages available. For
more information or to book a room for a birthday party, call (504) 483-9458.

WHEN: June 17th and 18th from 10 am to midnight (last rental at 11pm)
June 19th from 10 am to 10pm (last rental at 9pm)

WHERE: City Putt: 8 Victory Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70119

EVENT PRICE: Buy one round; get one round free:
1 Course Play Ages 13+ $8
1 Course Play Children (4-12) $6
2nd round in same visit $4
Children (0-3) Free

REGULAR HOURS: Sunday, Tuesday – Thursday: 10am to 10pm (last rental at 9pm)
Monday: only open for corporate/private events
Friday & Saturday: 10am to midnight (last rental at 11pm)

City Park: is distinguished by its large menu of sports and recreational
activities, attractions for children, and its natural beauty. City Park has
a special place in the hearts of generations of New Orleanians and is a must
visit for visitors to the city. As a popular place to picnic, play a
favorite sport, wander through its gardens or take a boat ride- the Park
receives millions of visitors each year. It is located in the heart of the
city and is the largest recreation area for the entire metropolitan area.
Attractions include: City Putt, New Orleans Botanical Garden, Storyland
fairytale playground, the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, and numerous
athletic venues. The 1,300 acres of parkland provide enjoyment for young
children playing on our playgrounds and walkers, joggers, and bicyclists
winding through the Park’s streets and trails.



Help the Bayou Boogaloo to remain FREE

You too can Boogaloo as a volunteer

Bayou Boogaloo Volunteers! – http://www.thebayouboogaloo.com/info-directions/volunteer/

Are you interested in volunteering with The Bayou Boogaloo on the banks of beautiful Bayou St. John on May 20, 21, and 22?

You can visit the sign up page by visiting https://www.volunteerspot.com/login/entry/987188364026

If you are unable to volunteer this year but would like to join The Bayou Boogaloo’s
volunteer mailing list for future events, please, sign up on The Bayou Boogaloo’s website.

For any questions or concerns, please email

Interested in Volunteering with The Bayou Boogaloo?

See all of the 2016 volunteer opportunities and sign up for a spot here.

On top of becoming part of the Boogaloo Family and being one of the key players that help keep the festival free, Volunteers also receive a free t-shirt that is not available for sale to the public.



Bodacious Boogaloo
by Charlie London

Since the beginning, the Bayou Boogaloo, held on the banks of Bayou St. John in New Orleans during May, has had a mission to give back to the community. The first Bayou Boogaloo in 2006 was a healing effort for the community. Many folks were still rebuilding their lives and their houses after “the storm”. The Bayou Boogaloo was a welcome respite from the daily grind. It provided much needed fun for both adults and children.

One of the often forgotten aspects of the Bayou Boogaloo is its emphasis on zero impact on the environment. I’ve personally witnessed the meticulous cleanup after the event. One would never know the music festival ever took place because the area is left as clean or cleaner than it was before the event.

The Bayou Boogaloo has promoted solar energy, recycling and encouraged folks to consider the environment. The Bayou Boogaloo has led by example. Several huge oak trees have been planted along the banks of Bayou St. John leaving a lasting positive impact on the environment and the community.

The Bayou Boogaloo gives back in other ways too! The event helps neighborhood organizations raise funds for their operations, has helped build playgrounds, has supported community sports initiatives, helped plant native habitat-building and erosion-preventing marsh grasses, and replaced trees lost during hurricanes.

The City even recognized the Bayou Boogaloo’s founder, Jared Zeller, with a proclamation for promoting an economically and environmentally sustainable event.

Join the Bayou Boogaloo this Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 20, 21, and 22. The Bayou Boogaloo is more than just a music festival, it’s a community building coalition!

More info at: http://thebayouboogaloo.com/

By Geraldine Wyckoff
Contributing Writer

It’s been less than three weeks since the last notes rang out at the Fair Grounds to close the 2016 edition of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Not far away, bands will strike up again at the 11th Annual Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo. The free event is presented from Friday, May 20 to Sunday, May 22, 2016 along the banks of Bayou St. John between Dumaine Street and N. Jefferson Davis Parkway. It features three main music stages at Dumaine Street, Orleans Avenue and Lafitte Street plus a Kids Stage that has both music and other activities to please the youngsters.

There are some excellent local and national headliners at the festival that didn’t perform at this year’s Jazz Fest including Nolatet (Sunday, 6 p.m.), The Lowrider Band (Saturday, 7:45 p.m.) and the Wailers (Friday, 7:45 p.m.).

Let’s start with Nolatet, a band of all-star jazz masters – drummer Johnny Vidacovich, bassist James Singleton, vibraphonist/percussionist Mike Dillon and pianist Brian Haas. This performance marks the first time many local people will have the opportunity to experience this group as they’ve only performed in New Orleans several times. Formed spontaneously in 2014 and quickly releasing its exciting debut album, Dogs (The Royal Potato Family) just this year, Nolatet has been out on tour promoting the CD and, according to Vidacovich, has been very well-received. “They liked it a lot – a lot more than I imagined,” he is quoted in OffBeat magazine. “I thought the music would be a little too orchestral. There’s a lot of things that we’re doing that are just out of the norm.”

“I can tell you what it sounds like to me sometimes when I’m involved with the music and my head is spinning,” he continued. “It reminds me of a circus and a Christmas tree with a lot of lights.”

Because pianist Haas, unlike the other members, doesn’t live in New Orleans, Nolatet is a get-it-while-you can band though all concerned express their hope and intent to do much more in the future.

Just an aside – it’s great to have Dillon, who absolutely floored the crowd at last year’s performance of his New Orleans Punk Rock Percussion Consortium – back at Bayou Boogaloo. Hopefully, the Consortium, an amazing collection of rhythm masters will return next year or be booked somewhere else soon.

The Lowrider Band, which partly due to the presence of one-time Crescent City resident, drummer Harold Brown, feels almost like its from New Orleans. It’s also got that funk and street band attitude that music lovers here can really relate to. The last time the Lowriders performed in New Orleans was in 2009 at a benefit for the Save Charity Hospital organization. Now that’s awhile ago…

The band is, of course, made up of original members of the group War, including Brown, the great harmonica player Lee Oskar, guitarist Howard Scott and bassist B.B. Dickerson, who, because of health issues will be unable to perform with his fellow Lowriders. Due to a court order, nobody in the group is allowed to mention their participation in War in any promotional material or advertisements. Fortunately, these talents have been able to retain their rights to their compositions and receive royalties.

“Here’s how we say it,” Brown explained. “We are the original composers of and performers on ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends?,’ ‘The Cisco Kid,’ ‘The World is a Ghetto,’ and ‘All Day Music.’ All our friends know the Lowriders. Everybody knows exactly who we are.”

“When we come to play in New Orleans it’s like playing at home in our living room,” Brown once proclaimed. “You can drop all of your big shot attitudes. In New Orleans they want to know about your soul – your spirit. I tell people when they come into the city, to turn off the radio and roll down the windows.”

The socially conscious messages of tunes like Bob Marley’s “One Love” are much needed in today’s world. The Wailers keep that warmth, the much-loved classic songs and laid-back reggae riddims alive. Bassist Aston “Family Man” Barrett is the only member of the touring band that performed and recorded with the group that backed the late, legendary Bob Marley who influenced the world with the magic of his music and his pen. Barrett was the heartbeat of the rock steady beat, the sound that could be felt to one’s core. Reggae by the Bayou seems so right.

Our local stars like bassist George Porter & the Runnin’ Pardners (Sunday, 4 p.m.), the Queen of New Orleans Soul, Irma Thomas (Saturday, 5 p.m.) and zydeco go-getter, accordionist/vocalist Dwayne Dopsie (Friday, 6:15 p.m.) also bolster the impressive schedule.

Parents might want to bring their children to the Kids Stage on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. where Daria Dzurik, the leader/steel pan player/vocalist of Daria & The Hip Drops fame will hold a percussion workshop. With her talent, lively personality and big smile, Dzurik has the qualities to educate and entertain the whole family. She and the Hip Drops certainly caught the crowd at this year’s French Quarter Festival.

On Friday, the music schedule is abbreviated and begins in the evening on two stages starting at 5 p.m. The Wailers, which hit the stage at 7:45 p.m. close it down. On Saturday and Sunday the music gets going at 11 a.m. Naturally there are food and beverage vendors aplenty and arts and crafts booths from one end of the fest to the other.

One of the beauties of the festival remains its wonderful setting and just being able to sit along Bayou St. John and relax.

This article originally published in the May 16, 2016 print edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper.