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City of New Orleans Information Hotline

Emergencies dial 9-1-1

DIAL 3-1-1 and follow the prompts (subject to change):

Updated 2-November-2010

New Orleans residents, press 1
Metro area residents, press 2 (service not yet available)

1 – Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness
1 – Register for City-Assisted Evacuation Plan (CAEP)
2 – Hazard Mitigation Branch
3 – Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness
4 – Register for Re-Entry placards
5 – New Orleans Urban Area Security Initiative Office
0 – All other departments

2 – Department of Housing, Code Enforcement & Environmental Health

Report abandoned or blighted houses, check the status of a hearing,
report high grass, abandoned ponds or swimming pools and vacant lots.

3 – Check status of an existing environmental administrative hearing

4 – Department of Revenue
Information on property tax, sales tax, occupational licenses and sanitation fee removal.

5 – Department of Parks and Parkways (Office hours are Mon-Thu 7am – 4:30pm)

Tree trimming and downed trees. Note: Report after-hours tree emergencies to 9-1-1
6 – Department of Public Works
1 – Street light outages
2 – Pot holes or clogged drains and catch basins
3 – Missing or damaged street signs or traffic signs; traffic light outages
4 – Abandoned and junked vehicles
5 – General information

0 – All other departments
An operator will assist in directing your call.

Department of Sanitation (Office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)
DIAL 504-658-3800 to speak with an operator
To report illegal dumping, littering, overflowing receptacles and streets in need of cleaning.

Entergy New Orleans
Website: www.Entergy-NewOrleans.comDIAL 1-800-368-3749 – press 2 for “Power and gas emergencies”
To report an electric outage, a gas outage or emergency, request outdoor lighting repair, to receive information concerning a current power outage, or for any other power-related problem.

Sewerage & Water Board
Website: www.SWBNO.orgDIAL 504-529-2837 – press 1 for “Emergency Repairs Department” (Open 24 hours a day)
To report water leaks, broken sewer lines or fire hydrants, missing manhole and meter covers, strong sewer odors and sidewalks or streets in need of repaving following a service cut or repair.

Operation Clean Sweep
Website: OperationCleanSweepNOLA.comDIAL 504-486-9694 to speak with an operator or leave a message
To report graffiti, doodles, tags, vandalized traffic signs, spray painting or illegal murals.

DDD Public Space Operations
Website: NewOrleansDowntown.comDIAL 504-561-8927 for Downtown residents, business owners and visitors with questions.

Tip: Can’t reach 3-1-1 from your phone? Dial 504-658-4000 instead.

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