Community Coffee Company invites you to enjoy the unique taste of Louisiana’s most distinctive coffee. We start with only quality, 100% Arabica beans selected by the Saurage family. Then, through generations of roasting experience, we have perfected a full-bodied yet smooth flavor that reflects the extraordinary culinary traditions of Louisiana. Today, Community® coffee is served in the best New Orleans restaurants and is shared in homes across the South. To understand why, simply sit back and enjoy a cup.

2800 Esplanade Avenue | New Orleans
Hours: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM [Mon-Sun]
Phone: 504-482-9865

We are convinced quality will set us apart from our competition. Life is too short to settle for less, so we have sought the best. Our house selections are chosen with the goal of achieving the highest satisfaction from our customers.

Wherever we can, we choose the freshest and best. This is done with deference to local tastes and traditions (yes, we have chicory and cafe au lait), but without neglecting cosmopolitan trends and sophisticated palettes.

As a small independent shop we have the ability to provide personal services that no corporate franchise can. Imagine any other coffeehouse offering to grind and French Press any bean they have in stock. It’s a quality solution that offers the highest level of freshness, the best brewing practice and the widest customer selection.

3133 Ponce de Leon | New Orleans
Open 7 days each week from 6:30 am until 10 pm
Phone: 504-913-9072

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