Who Dat?

Born in North Carolina and raised in Central Florida, Charles London
has been a New Orleanian since 1975.

He received degrees from Delgado and the University of New Orleans
while working full time.

Charles has a broad range of experience having been a driver salesperson for a major oil company, a chauffeur for a local limousine company, a Safety and Human Resource Supervisor for a local food distributor, and is presently employed with a major railroad.

Many say he is a very lucky man marrying his wife Brenda
in 1983 and was blessed with their daughter Laura in 1989.

He was a member of the Krewe of Endymion for three years and rode with the Krewe of Shangrila on its initial voyage down St. Charles Avenue.

Charlie and his family were one of the thousands affected by “the storm”. They returned home to find flood waters had invaded their home near Tulane University.   With the help of construction friends, family, and insurance proceeds his family gutted, renovated, and then sold their home of 15 years.  The floor to ceiling renovation was finished in April, 2006.   You can see the results at http://www.katrinafilm.com/welcomehome.wmv

Charlie, Brenda, and Laura moved to the Faubourg St. John neighborhood
in November, 2005 along with Brenda’s Mom, Betty whose home in Chalmette was a total loss after “the storm”.

He is currently a board member of the Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Association and helps keep everyone informed about neighborhood events.

You may have seen Charlie around the neighborhood early in the morning with packs of flyers in hand.   He has printed and distributed flyers for numerous neighborhood activities.  Some people have an aversion to flyers on their windshield but please don’t run him over, he means well!

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