3023 Dumaine

This photo of 3023 Dumaine was taken February, 2011.

This photo of 3023 Dumaine was taken May 6, 2011.

3023 Dumaine video

Neighbors complained to the Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Association. FSJNA took action and the property was adjudicated for blight.

Fines accrued on the properties but the owner chose to continue to ignore the situation.

On Feb. 11, 2010, the owner went to the HDLC to get approval to demolish the once beautiful historic properties. The demolition application was withdrawn by code enforcement.

The owner continued to do nothing to mitigate the blight at 3023-3029 Dumaine. Over a year later, once again, on April 14, 2011, the owner tried to get approval from the HDLC to demolish the property. The proposal resulted in a no action vote by the HDLC. The Board could not agree on demolition.

So, now what? Because of the massive fines that have occurred due to the owner’s stalwart stance against doing the right thing by his neighbors, the property will likely go up for bid at a Sheriff’s sale.

Click here to see a short video showing 3023 Dumaine is the only blighted property in the 3000 block of Dumaine.

Neighbors have put up with corporate neglect of 3023 Dumaine since 2005. The property is owned by Heisler Properties. For more information about Heisler Properties, please click here. This short video taken May 6, 2011 shows that it is the only blighted property in this area. Do you think this is fair to the neighbors?

PDF of info about 3023 Dumaine

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