Federal Flood

“The City That Care Forgot” by Holly Sarre.
Photo and permission to use courtesy Holly Sarre.

Please click on the link below to view photos taken after 2005 Federal Flood. The photos in the link below were taken by Conrad Abadie:

Jim Danner sent in these photos of a surprise placed in a Fortier Park oak tree by neighbor Paul Laplace. Photos taken September 9, 2005.

Charlotte Pipes sent in these 2005 photos of the flooding that occurred in Faubourg St. John due to the levee breaches.

This photo, taken from a porch at 2900 Ursulines Avenue shows the water level during the flood and a few weeks after.

This photo shows the water level at CC’s Coffee on Esplanade along with the same photo when the flood waters receded.

Flooding at Esplanade and North White. Look closely to see a motor boat moving down the middle of the street.

Fire hydrant drowns.

2005 photos at McDonough 28 now known as City Park Academy.

North White Street looking toward the Fairgrounds.

North Dupre toward St. Philip from Ursulines Avenue.

Photos courtesy Charlotte Pipes.