Postcard from Home

“At the beach, at the beach,
at Pontchartrain Beach,
You’ll have fun, you’ll have fun,
every day of the week.

You’ll love the thrilling rides,
laugh till you split your sides,
at.., Pontchartrain Beach”.

This postcard courtesy the Linda Burns Collection.

Postcard from Home

Conrad says, “Ro and I moved from our 3000+ sq ft home earlier this year. We have been able to donate much stuff to Goodwill, friends and family. However, there remain boxes of stuff to go through, mostly of Ro’s Bristow family. The postcards were the property of her late father, Dr. Louis Bristow, who was the former head radiologist of Baptist Hospital. He was a collector of many things, and went on a 1928 expedition to the Mayan Yucatan, with Dr. Franz Blom, the famous Tulane Archeologist ( ).”

Many thanks to Conrad Abadie for allowing his postcard collection to be scanned and presented here.