Abandoned Boats Litter Bayou

This article is solely the opinion of Charlie London.
bucolic-sceneFor years, the State of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans and other agencies have been tossing the ball around on who is legally responsible for Bayou St. John. I really don’t care who is legally responsible. I expect the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana to protect the health and safety of its citizens.
abandonedboats5With reports of WEST NILE VIRUS in the news once again, I believe it is time for the City and the State to take action for the benefit of the citizens of New Orleans and begin removing boats on the bayou filled with mosquito larvae and algae. The boats in question are near where St. John Court meets the bayou on the Parkview side of the bayou.

abandonedboats1Boats thrown up on the banks of the bayou are havens for nutria. All boats sitting on the banks of Bayou St. John should be removed immediately. Bayou St. John is not a marina. There is a serious safety issue where Grand Route meets the bayou. Folks have taken to putting items underwater to chain their boats. Buckets filled with cement and poles are sticking up from the floor of the bayou. These are a hazard and should be immediately removed.
guzzling-seamen1And, how long does my family need to be subjected to the boat with GUZZLING SEAMEN spray painted on the side? This boat has been there since the July 4th bayou boat parade and is now on the bayou near the Dumaine Bridge on the Parkview side of the bayou. I am all for the parade but part of their permit should require them to remove the platforms with barrels under them and any guzzling-seamen2GUZZLING SEAMEN left behind and it should be done immediately after the parade is completed… garbage like this should be picked up right after the boat parade just like any other parade in New Orleans. The GUZZLING SEAMEN has been spray painted over in red.
abandonedboats9bAlso for the benefit of the safety of the citizens of New Orleans, boats chained to utility pole wires and historical markers should also be immediately removed. There are several utility poles and historical markers all along the bayou that currently have boats chained to them.

If folks chained their cars to trees in City Park, would the City or the State take action? You bet they would. The same respect should be given to the bayou. Remove the boats from the bayou today. They are illegal.

Let’s stop talking about removing boats from the bayou and get it done today. The health and safety of the citizens of New Orleans depends on it. CLICK ON ANY PHOTO FOR A LARGER VIEW.

The rings along the bayou meant for temporary mooring are having boats locked to them and left indefinitely. Should the rings be removed? Click on the photo of the ring for a larger view.