Narcissus Papyraceus at Ursulines and North Dupre

sent in by Robert Thompson

All it took was a neighbor concerned about the accidental cutting down of newly sprouted paper white narcissuses, 3 bales of pine straw and less than an hour of volunteer time! Now there is hope those fragrant blooms planted in the past by the neighborhood association landscapers at Ursulines and North Dupre have a chance to appear without city mowing crews mistakenly cutting them down.

Josh B is shown in the photo starting to unroll a bale of Gomez pine straw, a miracle mulch which enriches the soil and controls weeds. It also wards off the mowers.

Ursulines area neighbors willing to assist Josh with minor maintenance on a regular basis should contact me, Robert Thompson, City Beautiful Clubs, rwteh2653 at gmail dot com.


Your interest in our little neighborhood jewel, Capdevielle Place Park (on Esplanade between Crete and Bell), has qualified you to participate in a planning session with our friends at Parkways, Tica Hartman and landscaper Hailey D Brown. Since our “Green and Clean” event I have had increased input on what direction we should take to upgrade plantings and enhance the beauty of the area. I’d like the ideas people (you know who you are) to respond with a willingness to participate in a conversation with Parkways, and a list of times and dates you would be available. At the moment I am assuming the municipal folks would prefer a workday schedule as civil servants. If it appears we can’t get our most avid citizen designers to attend I may beg for an off hours time.

Plantings, art, furniture and other improvements and/or concerns should make up your wish list. Opportunities for achievement of these goals begins in January with‘s tree planting. Thus the hurry to set a direction for our efforts soon.

Robert Thompson
City Beautiful Club – Capdevielle Place Team

Oh here’s a snapshot of our Paper Whites popping up, blooms to follow:

Narcissus papyraceus (from papyrus and aceus; meaning paper-like[1]), one of a few species known as paperwhite, is a perennial bulbous plant native to the western Mediterranean region, from Greece to Portugal plus Morocco and Algeria. The species is considered naturalized in the Azores, Corsica, Texas, California and Louisiana.[2] The white flowers are borne in bunches and are strongly fragrant. It is frequently grown as a house plant, often forced to flower at Christmas.

Paperwhites are part of the Narcissus genus which includes plants known as daffodils.