The Fair Grounds Recovery Roads program will include multiple construction repair projects with an estimated value for roadway improvements that is approximately 3.8 million dollars. Design of the future road repairs is currently underway and is being closely coordinated with the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans. The project timeline is under development. Road resurfacing work will be limited in some areas of Fair Grounds.

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Design Engineer: Urban Systems, Inc.
Project No: 2013-FEMA-4ABE
Project Limits: N. Broad St., St. Louis St., Bayou St. John, Florida Ave., Dugue St., Treasure St., Republic St., and Abundance St.




Every so often when I send around info on cleaning the front of storm drains, I get an angry response from a Fortin Street resident exclaiming that there are no storm drains on Fortin Street by their home.

Every so often I write the Councilmember asking that Fortin Street get storm drains, repaving and a makeover.

Fortin Street is the entrance to Jazz Fest, runs along the Fair Grounds and should be a welcoming entrance to Faubourg St. John.

It would be awesome if there was an arch on Fortin by WBOK (like you see at Desmare and Stallings Playgrounds) that said “Welcome to Faubourg St. John”.

Fortin Street gets run-off from the Fair Grounds’ sea of cement but does not have enough storm drains.

The owner at 1641 Crete installed his own drainage system rather than wait for the City... 10 years ago.   Click on the photo for a larger view.
The owner at 1641 Crete (at the corner of Fortin and Crete) installed his own drainage system rather than wait for the City… 10 years ago. Click on the photo for a larger view.

A year or so after “the storm”, a man that lives on Fortin on the corner that is one block off of Gentilly, paved the ditch by his house and installed his own pipe to funnel away water run off. It looks nice but the City should have done this.

Fortin street should have storm drains on both sides of the street all the way from Gentilly to beyond Mystery Street.

Fortin street should be repaved and have curbs installed all the way to the end where the Fair Grounds’ property ends beyond Mystery Street.

Fortin Street should have trees that provide shade like Ursulines Avenue.

Fortin Street should have permeable pavement and permeable sidewalks to reduce flooding from run-off.

Currently, this is a pipe dream, (pun intended) but, it doesn’t have to be.

I think a coalition that includes the Fair Grounds, Jazz Fest, City Officials, WBOK, and passionate Faubourg St. John neighbors could make Fortin Street a show-place.

Can you help make Fortin Street all it can be?

Please call 311 from a local phone or 504-658-2299 from an out of area phone with an address or hundred block and cross street. You can email with the information as well. If you email, please include a photo along with the specific location of the problem.

Charlie London

A rising tide raises all ships