Persistence Pays at Local Bus Stop

Robert Thompson writes:
It took over a year and a half, but a problem existing for more than a decade is no longer. Thanks to Cheryn Robles, Community Outreach Manager, Department of Public Works, a sidewalk hazard and eyesore at the Esplanade and Crete bus stop has been repaired. It may be a small step, but eliminating the chance an elderly transit rider would trip and fall is a worthwhile project. Here are the before and after pictures:


Many thanks to Robert Thompson for continuing to follow up on this safety issue!

article below by Charlie London

Some folks lament about how they’ve called and called some nameless person about an issue they are having with the City. Don’t be that guy.

Call 311 but don’t expect the City to drop everything because you have a pothole or other City service issue. There is a serious backlog. So, call 311 or report the issue online at the link below:

Mark the issue on your calendar two months later then call 311 and follow up. Yes, I said YOU need to follow up. After all, aren’t YOU the one who wants the issue taken care of?

NOLA-311-smallNew Orleans and City services are getting better. I’ve had excellent response from the City on a number of issues. However, there is not a pot of gold for the City to keep dipping from and there are plenty of issues that need attention all over New Orleans.

While there are always those who will gripe, moan and complain that they didn’t get what they wanted when they wanted it, there is no quick-fix solution. You have to call 311 about problems you notice and you have to follow up on the issue. There is no City employee running around in a pickup truck looking for streetlights that are out, potholes that need filling or storm drains that need to be pumped out. The City needs you to work WITH them and call 311 whenever you see something that needs to be taken care of… and follow up.

Call 311 and wait patiently. You can do this.