Goût de France



For the first time this year, New Orleans will join the French worldwide culinary experience, Goût de France/Good France.

From March 22-26, Café Degas and Purloo will present special menus highlighting the excellence of French cuisine and local, Louisiana ingredients.

For the “Mois de la Francophonie” (Francophone Month) in March, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, on the initiative of French chef Alain Ducasse, is showcasing the French art de vivre around the world.

More than 1,500 chefs on 5 continents will prepare a special menu inspired by their expertise: French cuisine.

“New Orleans’ cuisine is known around the world, especially for its French roots,” says Consul General Grégor Trumel, “Louisiana is the Francophone hub of the United States, and it should be represented alongside the stars of French cuisine at Goût de France.”

For one week in March, Chef Laurent Rochereux of Café Degas and Chef Ryan Hughes at Purloo will be presenting a 3-course menu featuring the local produce and French heritage of Louisiana.

Each recipe in Goût de France/Good France is prepared with less fat, sugar and salt, with a concern for “good food”, healthy-eating and the environment.

“Everything on the menu for Goût de France is prepared with attention to eating healthy and local,” says Chef Ryan Hughes of Purloo, “I think restaurant guests will be impressed by how fresh ingredients from Louisiana really shine in traditional French cuisine.”

“French is a part of life in Louisiana, and there are so many talented chefs trained in the art of French cuisine in New Orleans. Chef Ryan at Purloo perfected his skills right here at Café Degas!” said Chef Laurent Rochereux of Café Degas, “For our thirtieth anniversary year, we are excited to participate with so many amazing chefs around the world.”

During Goût de France/Good France, a portion of the proceeds will go to local non-profit organizations promoting health and the environment. Joining in this worldwide initiative, Café Degas and Purloo will donate 5% of their proceeds to Slow Food and Sankofa.

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