Everybody’s diggin’ the scene where it’s clean and green

March 23rd, Cleanest City Contest District Level Judging in New Orleans

clean and greenIn 1958, the Louisiana Garden Club Federation began sponsoring an annual state-wide “Cleanest City Contest.” The aim of the contest is to instill civic pride in the individual citizens and thus improve the appearance of towns and cities. New Orleans falls into Category J in population with Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

You can help this Sunday, March 20th by joining the “TRASH MOB” at 2200 Lafitte Street in New Orleans from 10 a.m. until noon. Help New Orleans win the Cleanest City Challenge, details in the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/872411119534030/

This year our slogan is “NOLA Clean in 2016, Join the Team, Keep it Clean.” Garden Club members of New Orleans are asking citizens to mow lots; maintain green space; involve community and YOUTH; form adopt-a-block groups; clean curbs and catch basins; paint over graffiti; and involve schools, churches, and organizations to make New Orleans more beautiful. On March 23, judges will inspect the Book of Evidence and do a drive-through visit to the city. If selected, the state level judging is during the first two weeks of April. Send before and after photos or published articles of your efforts to mhimel9@live.com.


*Litter free approaches to city, public buildings, schools, parks, cemeteries, & Blue Star Memorial Markers, with no weeds or tall grasses growing along fences, on street signs, or in cracks in the sidewalk.

*Vacant lots mowed at least 10 feet from street & void of abandoned cars.

*Green space maintained & beautified.

*Community involved in all aspects.

FOCUS: NOLA Residents vs Litter

Form Adopt-A-Block groups, pick up litter regularly in neighborhoods.

Talk to merchants about sponsoring their blocks and activities.

Clean curb on your block and clean catch basins of leaves & debris. A few minutes cleaning the storm drains near you can make a tremendous difference in the amount of water in the street during rain events.

Involve churches, schools, businesses and organizations.

Now until April, 2016 Great American Cleanup Events
Keep New Orleans Beautiful, as part of the Keep America Beautiful, is asking organizations to host clean up events all over the city and on dates that work for you. If your group is planning a spring clean-up or Great American Cleanup event, let Keep New Orleans Beautiful know so we can help publicize! For events with NOLA Trash Mob, visit Keep New Orleans Beautiful Facebook, to see a full schedule of Sunday morning clean-ups with each week’s location.