Dr. Robert Datzman Helped Maintain the City’s Beauty

Dr. Datzman photo by Charlie London
Dr. Datzman
photo by Charlie London

Dr. Robert Datzman served in the U.S. Army during World War II as a Flight Surgeon. He earned his Medical Degree in Radiology from Indiana University and Medical School. He co-founded Ft. Wayne Radiology and started the first hospice team at Parkview Hospital in Ft. Wayne, IN.

His love affair with New Orleans prompted him to move here in 1979. He was a Radiologist with BBNH Radiology Group at Jo Ellen Smith Hospital for over 10 years. After his retirement, he pursued his interests in Archaeology, Genealogy, and the Civil War. He so loved the local cuisine that he visited and rated over 700 restaurants in the New Orleans area.

To help maintain the city’s beauty, he dedicated himself to a daily routine of picking up litter in the City Park/Esplanade area. This dedication made him a local celebrity. He was a member of New Orleans Radiology, the Civil War Round Table, and the World War II Museum. Published in The Times-Picayune on 5/11/2008.

Dr. Robert Datzman picked up trash all throughout City Park and Faubourg St. John.  Robert Thompson gave him free coffee for life when Robert owned Fair Grinds.   Robert sent in the photo below and added the following comment, “The photo  I sent you shows his “logs” on the table, records of everything he picked up over those years!  He claimed to have found one of every kind of paper currency except the largest one. All went into the poor box at Holy Rosary. A real special guy in my estimation.”