Meet at Pal’s Lounge at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pal’s Lounge is located at 949 North Rendon in Faubourg St. John.moonpie

There will be moon pies, shopping carts full of beer along with kings, queens and music.

pbrholdParade with the Pal’s Lounge revelers as they cross the Magnolia Bridge (by Cabrini High School) then head on over to Pearl Wine, Holy Ground, Bayou Beer Garden then back to Pal’s.



Pal’s Lounge will open at 8 a.m. for the Krewe of Bikeus Parade

From the Krewe of Bikeus press page…  It is early in the morning and the Krewe of Bike-us assembles in mid-city in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Their bicycles serve as their floats and their way to get around barricades set up to curtail traffic on the streets of New Orleans. Bloody Marys, vodka cranberries and screwdrivers are part of the breakfast buffet of fun at Pal’s Lounge, a neighborhood institution owned in part by the son of Oscar winner Helen Miren.

While most Mardi Gras krewes roll thru the streets of New Orleans, this is no ordinary parade. The pedal-powered members are one of numerous unsanctioned parade organizations that add to the beauty and local color of Mardi Gras. The group got its start in 2002 when a group of avid bicyclists discovered that two wheels are better than one when it comes to the jam-packed streets of Fat Tuesday.

The group formed as an efficient way to get around during the day. They thank the scarcity of parking spots along routes for its conception.

“People see the dozens of members in costumes rolling down the street and they assume it’s a real parade and start cheering and yelling for beads,” says Krewe of Bikeus founder [sic – not really] Rob Savoy.

Each year the group of friends and friends of friends gather in Faubourg St. John.  The revelers cycle along a ceremonial path Uptown to catch the Zulu parade before making their way to the French Quarter for the rest of the day. The group has grown into one of the most recognized unrecognized groups of Mardi Gras.