Kitchen Witch Cookbooks

by Robert Thompson

Faubourg St. John neighbors Debbie Lindsey and Philipe LaMancusa opened their store at 1452 N. Broad, suite C, today. “Kitchen WItch Cookbooks” will undoubtedly become an asset to our area, as a unique and quirky bookshop run by two lovely people. Debbie is planning to be open 7 days a week, 10ish to 4ish and will feature book signings and related events.

It is in the little strip mall like building with the Boost Store and the Beauty Supply. Plenty of parking, but heck I can just walk there. We haven’t had a neighborhood hangout with the feel of special books since Maple Street left, and cooks will obviously find a wide selection of cookbooks. I love the esoteric treasures hanging around, and there’s also vinyl records for music lovers. The place is still settling in, creative chaos I’d call it, but I was so excited to visit I couldn’t wait longer. Hope this appeals to our membership and we can support still another great Faubourg St. John business.


from their website at

Kitchen Witch Cookbooks is a small book shop at 1452 North Broad in New Orleans. They specialize in rare, hard to find, out of print and pre-owned books on food and cooking. This is a fully functional independent book store and not just a website location. You will always find Debbie or Philipe at the shop ready to answer questions, share secrets, relay gossip, political opinions and give you directions to the hottest spots to eat. The shop’s phone number is 504-528-8382 and they’ll gladly take and execute telephone purchases.

They will happily ship your purchases, and all out of state shippings save the 9% taxes that we must extract from in-shop clients. They do ship ‘Media Mail’ and that takes seven to ten days from time of departure.

Debbie Lindsey and Philipe LaMancusa (the two person operating team) look forward to your visit, either in person or by phone/email/spirit/carrier pigeon. They are full of advice on dining and other visitor concerns and are very friendly. In fact, let them know when your birthday is and they will send you a card!

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