Resilient New Orleans

resilientGuided by 100 Resilient Cities—Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation, Resilient New Orleans combines local expertise with global best practices to confront our most urgent threats and seek ways to redress our legacy of inequity and risk.  Bold, yet pragmatic actions are proposed to adapt New Orleans to the changing natural environment,   invest in equity, create flexible and reliable systems, and prepare for future shocks.

Resilient New Orleans’ approach is organized into three sections, each with a vision for the future of New Orleans.


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The actions we take today will shape our future city for the coming generation. What must we do now to make the next generation more equitable, more adaptable, and more prosperous? How can we make their New Orleans a dynamic urban landscape – aligned with its natural environment? What leadership is needed – from individuals, communities, the public and private sectors – to realize the city we envision?

RESILIENT NEW ORLEANS addresses these questions and sets forth aspirations to guide their work and specific actions to tackle these challenges.