Less Flooding

Want Less Street Flooding in New Orleans?  
Consider a Gray-to-Green Transformation

drain-floodPaving more than 40% of your front yard is illegal in New Orleans. Excessive yard paving takes the place of potential green space and promotes parking on sidewalks, creating a safety issue. When rainfall hits pavement, it cannot be absorbed. Instead, it pools at low points or runs off into catch basins, where it can overwhelm the pump system and lead to flooding and property subsidence (sinking).

The Front Yard Initiative (FYI) is working with homeowners in New Orleans to replace unwanted concrete and asphalt with plants and soil. With paving removed, and rain gardens and other improvements installed, water is slowed, stored and filtered. Subsidence is minimized and so is damage to infrastructure and private property. The Urban Conservancy can connect you with professionals, volunteers and other resources that can help make the gray-to-green transformation as affordable and effective as possible.  Go to http://www.urbanconservancy.org/projects/excessive-yard-paving-in-new-orleans to learn more, or call (504) 617-6618.

Concerned citizens are encouraged to report excessive yard paving violations to the Department of Safety and Permits by calling (504) 658-7100.

You can also help by clearing the front of any catch basin near your home…