Broaden Your Horizons

by jeffrey schwartz | m.c.p.
executive director | broad community connections

jeffschwartzNo one would mistake Broad Street for Magazine Street.  We’re OK with that!  While we love Magazine and all of our fellow retail corridors–after all, commercial corridors make up the backbones of our great neighborhoods–we are head over heals for Broad Street. 

Broad is a big, buzzing urban commercial district.  Broad is broad!

But while the neighborhoods along Broad Street are among the most vibrant, beautiful, and culturally resonant communities in the city, Broad Street doesn’t always live up to the beauty and pedestrian-friendliness of the Tremé, Faubourg St. John, and Mid-City.

All of which is to say: Broad Community Connections has been working tirelessly for over six years to help Broad look the part of one of the great avenues in our fair city.  We’ve been beautifying Broad and making it more of a pleasant corridor to which to drive, walk, bike, or take transit.

Like the bicycle lanes on Broad above Orleans?  We advocated for those, and are working to connect them to Tulane Avenue, and over the overpass to Washington and Napoleon.

How about streetscape enhancement projects that bring landscaping, trees, and improvements to the pedestrian infrastructure along Broad?  We’ve been advocating for the recently-completed project on Bayou Road for over five years, and are continuing to work with the city and surrounding property owners for the enhancement project at the Lafitte Greenway and on St. Louis Street.  Did you notice that we planted over 40 trees on Bayou Road last year?

We are currently working with the Regional Planning Commission to create an overall streetscape enhancement strategy for Broad that will bring improved pedestrian, cycling, transit, water management, and landscaping infrastructure and amenities to Broad Street.

And who can forget about the Lafitte Greenway?  Since we began, we’ve been working tirelessly with our partners at the Friends of Lafitte Corridor and the City of New Orleans to make sure the Greenway not only happens, but that it becomes the amenity for the surrounding communities, residents, and business owners that it should.  As if that wasn’t enough, we are partnering with the Arts Council of New Orleans on a National Endowment for the Arts-funded project called BROAD+WATER to bring a water-based art installation to the Greenway at Broad Street.

If you would like to continue to see a more beautiful Broad, please support BCC on GiveNOLA Day on Tuesday, May 5th!