FM Radio on St. Claude

Fair Grinds on St. Claude
Fair Grinds on St. Claude

It’s spring big time.  Azaleas are blooming!  Winter coats are being pushed to the back of the closet, and sandals are coming out.  April is here and that means it’s “festival season” with Jazz Fest and all that comes with it.

Fair Grinds Coffeehouse on St. Claude at 2221 St. Claude will open on Wednesday, April 1st (no fooling!).  This will be the “soft” opening from 6 AM in the morning until 1 PM every afternoon.  By fall, Fair Grinds on St. Claude will have hours that extend into the evening.

 At the Fair Grinds location on Ponce de Leon in Faubourg St. John, there is a little of everything on the calendar for April.

There will be a  Fair Grinds Dialogue on Thursday, April 9th from 5:30 to 7:00 PM in the Common Space on “Building A Community Union – Florida Sunshine Style” brought to us by Alphonso Mayfield, President, and Rick Smith, Chief of Staff, of the Florida Public Services Union, SEIU.

In addition to the regular groups using the Common Space there are some special events worth attention in the community.  Communities in Conversation is continuing its discussions, finishing on the 7thTeach for America has a big training session scheduled.   A Poetry Show is trying to confirm for the evening of April 27th.  Keep an eye out for coming events on the bulletin board.

The new offerings on the menu from Fair Grinds own kitchen are being greeted enthusiastically.   Thanks for that!  It will be exciting to experiment on St. Claude and then import over to Ponce de Leon.  Guatemalan quesadillas, anyone?


Wade Rathke

Ps.  Fair Grinds has more good news!  At the end of last week, the FCC has granted Fair Grinds’ partner, AM/FM, a license for a community, low power FM radio station at 100 watts which will broadcast all over the New Orleans city limits at 90.3 FM.  The call letters are likely to be WAMF.  It will a number of months to raise the money.  Many folks will likely be part of a “voice of the people” station full of excitement, music, news, and voices normally not heard.  The studio for the radio stationwill also be at 2221 St. Claude.