WHIV-on-the-airYou know that low power FM began in Faubourg St. John on December 1st, 2014. Now you can share the experience with your friends and relatives worldwide! WHIV-FM has officially begun streaming their signal over the internet. Check it out at: http://tinyurl.com/streaming-whiv

Launched in late 2014, 102.3 FM is a new low power radio station for New Orleans. This is community radio for New Orleans; the signal range covers the complete New Orleans metropolitan area.WHIVFM

WHIV programming is dedicated to public health, human rights and social justice.

During the day, WHIV features local New Orleans and Louisiana news and current events with voices as diverse as our city. In the evenings, weekends, and holidays, WHIV will be broadcasting locally DJ’ed shows highlighting New Orleans music and culture.



Thanks to NOLA AERIALS for the intro photos in the video!

Lyrics to “Livin’ in the Life” by the Isley Brothers used in the video above.

Somebody said, I was living in the life
Somebody told me, I was living in the life
Think that you might know, you’ll find that you’re readin’ me wrong
My patience come and go but my living has got to go on

And if you think it’s easy it’s only ’cause
You ain’t me and I ain’t you
Check out the difference between the two

Somebody said, it was easy in my life
Somebody told me, I had made it in my life
Try to understand my determination wins
You can’t only stand on the outside looking in

And if you think it’s easy it’s only ’cause
You ain’t me and I ain’t you