Skate Park Gets Official



The Parasite Skatepark began getting used in late September, 2014.

It became “official” on February 28, 2015. No city funds were used to build the skate park.

The Parasite Skate Park is located under I-610 where Paris Avenue and Pleasure Street meet.


Stay up to date via the Parisite Facebook page! Check out their website too!

Did you know?  Parisite Skatepark is the only free public skatepark in New Orleans, built entirely by skaters and volunteers, named for its location along Paris Avenue beneath I-610.  Skaters and advocates formed the non-profit Transitional Spaces and partnered with the City of New Orleans to make Parisite a full-fledged skatepark, along with the great folks at NORDC and the St Bernard Recreation Center.  Transitional Spaces cleans, maintains, and connects you to development at Parisite, while pushing for a skate-friendly New Orleans!

NORDC Parisite Skatepark Rules:

  • Helmets are required of all users. Please ensure that your helmet fits properly and is certified for skateboarding and/or trick roller skating.
  • Users are strongly encouraged to wear properly fitting: elbow pads, knee pads, wrist pads, and mouth guards.
  • The only devices allowed in the skatepark facility are skateboards, roller skates, rollerblades, inline skates, BMX bikes, and non-motorized scooters. All motorized devices and vehicles are prohibited.
  • Children younger than 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No glass containers, food, or beverages are allowed on the skating surface.
  • No littering. Please use trash cans.
  • No drugs, alcohol, firearms, or weapons will be permitted at this facility.
  • No loud music, profanity, or disorderly behavior will be permitted at this facility.
  • Be respectful of neighborhood; do not block driveways.
  • Be respectful of the park. No graffiti or tagging is permitted.
  • All organized events must have written approval from NORDC. If you wish to organize an event, please contact NORDC at (504) 658-3062.
  • Animals are not permitted in the skate park.
  • Users are prohibited from erecting unauthorized ramps, jumps, or making any other structural additions or changes inside or outside of the skate park area.
  • NORDC reserves the right to revoke privileges from any individual who does not obey these rules, demonstrated unacceptable conduct, or for any other just cause.