Lady Bug Ready to Roll Feb 28th

The new ride — a little higher and a little faster — was paid for with Federal Emergency Management Agency funds since Hurricane Katrina’s floodwaters damaged the old one.

The new rollercoaster, which holds 20 people, will be ready to ride Saturday, February 28th at 11 a.m..

“Everything is going to be brand-spanking new,” said John Hopper, the park’s chief development officer.

It will reach speeds of 20 mph and heights of 30 feet according to John Hopper.

The Advocate previously reported, “The August 2005 storm flooded most of the 1,300-acre park. FEMA has obligated about $28 million to the park, including $3.3 million for Tad Gormley Stadium, $2.2 million for the amusement park, $5.4 million for building repairs and replacements and another $5 million for infrastructure repairs, including roads and utilities.”

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