Jan 5: Dinner at Degas

The Feast of the Epiphany, January 5 at Cafe Degas features food from the garden as well as locally sourced food that adheres to the Slow Food mission.
2014jan5dinnerFritz Esker of the Mid-City Messenger attended December’s FSJNA meeting and reported the following info learned there:

Cafe Degas will host the Feast of the Epiphany Dinner on January 5th to benefit the Faubourg St. John Community Garden.

The dinner starts at 6:30 p.m. and costs $100 per person. Each dish will feature one ingredient from the Ark of Taste, a program created by the Slow Food Foundation to preserve indigenous foods from around the world.

The five-course meal will be prepared by chef Laurent Rochereux of Cafe Degas and Joseph Turley featuring local ingredients, including some grown in the Faubourg St. John Community Garden, located at the corner of North Dupre and St. Philip.

What you can expect:
Specialty Ark ot Taste* cocktail

Louisiana Mirliton* crab soup

FSJ Garden Fresh Salad with a Louisiana Satsuma* vinaigrette

BBQ Gulf Shrimp* & Grits

Boeuf Bourguignon, made with Pineywoods Cattle* beef

Galette du Rois with Creole Cream Cheese* and Louisiana Strawberry* preserves

Limoncello made with Meyers Lemons*

Diners will have their choice of red or white wine with the dinner.

The Slow Food Ark of Taste* is an international list of heritage foods that are at risk of extinction. 

The garden is owned by Parkway Partners, a non-profit dedicated to establishing community gardens. Slow Food New Orleans, an organization whose goal is to provide healthy, environmentally friendly food for all, handles daily operations.