FM Radio Begins Broadcasting in Faubourg St. John

by Charlie London
WHIVFMAt the September 9th, 2014 meeting at the Fair Grounds, it was announced that a low power FM station will be located in Faubourg St. John at 1138 North Dupre.

During daytime hours, a small staff of volunteers and programming technicians will be in the North Dupre office. During the evening hours, the station will switch from talk radio to local music. This programming will be transmitted via software operations from a home computer or iPhone offsite.
The office at 1138 North Dupre will have a small antenna on top of the building that will transmit the radio signals to the larger radio tower located downtown.

WHIV will broadcast on FM radio and stream online. The station will feature health, safety and social issues along with talk programming of local interest with music.

WHIV FM has a website at

UPDATE FROM WDSU on December 4th, 2014: The new radio station on the air has a format unlike any other. It’s called “Radio NOLA HIV,” known by its call letters, WHIV. Dr. MarkAlain Dery founded the station as an extension of the nonprofit organization he leads. While he volunteers his time there, he’s also an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Tulane School of Medicine and specializes in infectious diseases. “Baton Rouge is number one and New Orleans is number three in the number of HIV incidents in the United States,” Dery said.

WHIV began broadcasting in Faubourg St. John on Monday, December 1, 2014.

The signal reaches halfway across the causeway, halfway across the spillway and from Belle Chasse to New Orleans East.

Info below is from the September, 2014 FSJNA meeting minutes by Nancy Shepard:

The Odyssey House located at 1138 N. Dupre is partnering with the New Orleans Society for Infectious Disease Awareness (NOSIDA) to provide space for NOSIDA’s low-watt radio station, “Radio NOLA HIV: Programming Dedicated to Human Rights and Social Justice” (WHIV). The office space is pre-existing at the site and will be enlarged slightly to accommodate WHIV.

A small broadcasting transmitter will be installed on the roof of the building; the large tower antennae will be located downtown. The commercial space at 1138 N. Dupre is zoned RD-2 and the office space is grandfathered in. They expect to be up and running by December 2014 with one or two volunteers.

Since a lot of the programming will be remotely operated they do not anticipate a major impact to traffic. The lease with WHIV will be renewed yearly and can be cancelled. Mr. Carlson was asked if the radio station would be willing to promote the neighborhood through PSAs. He said he could add that to the lease. He was asked if they would be recording live music, and he said not on-site, but there could be on-site interviews. He was asked about future plans for the Odyssey House at N. Dupre. Mr. Carlson said their goal is to be good neighbors, keeping quiet and low-key. He knows of no issues since cameras were installed and staff moved in. The only thing that will change in the future is the type of tenants.

Thanks to NOLA AERIALS for the intro photos!