Holt Cemetery

Originally a cemetery for the city’s indigent population, Holt Cemetery passed through several rounds of ownership before being established by Dr. Joseph Holt, a city board of health official, in 1879. The original 400′ by 600′ plot was increased in 1909 with an additional plot on St. Louis Street.

Historically this cemetery is unique in that the burials happen below-ground and the ownership will stay with the family so long as it is well-kept. Unfortunately, over the years there has been much disregard for this requirement and many of the graves have grown over with weeds. However there is a charm to this cemetery, with its large oak trees and personal touches adorning the grave markings.

Info from: http://www.saveourcemeteries.org/holt-cemetery/

HoltCemetary2014dec3Holt Cemetary today (December 3, 2014)

Dr. Ryan Gray is working on an ongoing documentation project at Holt Cemetery, with the goal of providing an interactive map and database that will be accessible to the public via an online platform. Volunteers can email Dr. Gray at drgray1@uno.edu for more information.

Location: 635 City Park Avenue Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 2:30 pm | Saturday closes at noon Closed most major holidays