News from Your Neighbors


I recently sent out a request for neighbors to let me know about what’s happening in, around and about Faubourg St. John because, unlike ya momma, I can’t be everywhere at once. Many kind neighbors responded. You can see what they reported below.

~Charlie London

broad-theatreLisa Amoss sent in a report from City Business, “Brian Knighten is out to give people another reason to visit the neighborhood. The New Orleans native has started renovations on a vacant 1920s era warehouse at 636 N. Broad St. that will house a four-screen movie theater for independent and art house films. You can check out the full City Business article by clicking here.

slowfoodlogoMichael Cohn reported, “The Slow Food New Orleans garden in Faubourg St. John just produced its first harvest of greens that were immediately sold to neighborhood restaurants Pagoda Cafe and 1,000 Figs. Revenue created by the sale of produce will support the garden and eventually fund a Slow Food Garden in Africa. Please contact Faubourg St. John neighbor Gary Granata at if you are interested in volunteering in the garden … and please visit Pagoda and 1,000 Figs for some Good, Clean & Fair Food. You can see the entire article Michael sent in by clicking here.

Pamela Danner reports, “This is to let everyone know that there is a Half Marathon that will go through our neighborhood and Treme on Sunday (Nov 23) The race starts at 7:00am but will not finish for at least 4 hours. Please plan accordingly.” Learn more at

Thea Morgan reports, “The city traffic department has implemented the car counter equipment for the intersection of Grand Route St. John and N White. The data collected will be used to justify stop signs at this dangerous intersection. Please spread the word.”

nopd-crescentBonnie Lee sent in news about the new NOLA PATROL in the French Quarter. Click here to learn more.

Mona McMahon sent in a plea to support our local law officers:
Its no accident that Faubourg St. John enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the city: we owe a great deal of our quality of life to the New Orleans Police Department.

Most of us would agree that it takes a special person indeed to commit to a career in law enforcement in New Orleans. These dedicated citizens are tasked to protect the citizens of a city that more often than not is listed in the top of the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports for murder, violence, and property crime. The regional minimum salary for a police officer is $42,579 and an entry-level police officer in the city of New Orleans is $36,570 so it is not surprising that the city of New Orleans is failing to retain experienced officers or to recruit new officers.

The Civil Service Commission has recommended that the New Orleans Police receive an immediate 10% raise and another 10% raise over the next two years to bring them up to the regional average. In this way, the NOPD will be better able to retain its experienced officers and be able to be competitive with other regional law enforcement organizations. If you support a raise for our NOPD officers, please consider conveying that support to our City Councilmembers and the Mayor.

Do you have news about what’s happening in, around and about Faubourg St. John. Please send it to!