Dig That Funky Beat

cake-walk-tulane-2014nov13aImage courtesy X-Istence Photography

If you’ve ever wandered around the 3200 block of Grand Route Saint John, you may have heard the tunes of the Faubourg St. John neighbors who make up Cake Walk.

Cake Walk is an up and coming band born from close friendships and the desire to keep the good times grooving. Their music combines elements of funk, soul, rock, and whatever makes the party pop. You can email the band at CakeWalkNOLA@gmail.com or give ’em a call at (978) 430-5956 You can catch the band on Twitter too at: https://twitter.com/cakewalkfunk

Cake Walk, a New Orleans-based funk band comprised of Tulane students and graduates Kyle Oblinger, Jenna Winston, Piper Browne, David Schloss, Cody Greenstein, Rob Kellner, Graves Lee, Leo Skovron and Mack Major, has headlined locally with bands such as Naughty Professor, Sexual Thunder and The Big Excuse. They also recently headlined with Smash Mouth at Tulane’s 2014 Homecoming. More in the link… http://www.tulanehullabaloo.com/arcade/article_d6a6e56a-6acd-11e4-b4ca-3b380f10c7d3.html

Check out the music of CAKE WALK below

Kyle Oblinger-VOCALS | David Schloss-GUITAR | Cody Greenstein-GUITAR
Leo Skovron-BASS | Mack Major-DRUMS | Chase Hamilton-KEYS/VOCALS
Graves Lee-TENOR SAX | Jenna Winston-VOCALS | Piper Brown-VOCALS