FM for Better Sound

FM-for-better-soundWhen I was a little kid, half a century ago, I distinctly remember the promo that played over and over on FM radio… “FM for better sound… FM for better sound”. You see 50 years ago, before the internet and 1000 songs in the palm of your hand, radio was where you listened to great music. FM was the “better dressed” guy and he wanted everyone to know about it.

Faubourg St. John will be getting one of those “better dressed” radio stations soon and you can get a sneak peek inside the studio on December 1st.

Odyssey House (a non-profit specializing in addiction treatment) has converted a side building next to their larger property at 1138 S. Dupre into a small radio station, in partnership with the New Orleans Society for Infectious Disease Awareness. The station, WHIV, will focus on HIV/AIDS awareness and related issues.

Odyssey House is hosting an open house at the station in honor of the first broadcast on December 1 at noon.

Members of the community are invited to attend. In addition, they are soliciting musical requests, as described in the following press release. Please contact Odyssey House’s Robert Chandler, whose contact info is included below, if you have any questions.

WHIV FM has a website at

WHIVFMSince we are first and foremost a community station, WHIV would love to have the neighbors in Faubourg St. John join the radio station opening. An invitation is extended to interested Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Association members to select a song special to them that they would like WHIV to play as part of the initial broadcast on World AIDS Day, December 1.

Additionally, once our sound equipment is installed and operational, we would like to have these neighbors record brief soundbites introducing their song selection along with a brief message supporting the importance of World AIDS Day or what the new radio station means to the neighborhood/ New Orleans community. WHIV looks forward to having the voices of the local community members playing on the airwaves with our inaugural broadcast.

WHIV FM has a website at

Robert L. Chandler, Jr. | Community of Supportive Services Program Manager
Odyssey House Louisiana, Inc. | 1125 North Tonti St. | New Orleans, LA 70119
Cell: (504) 239-0441
For more information on OHL, visit