Water Wise


You are invited to a Neighborhood Water Wise workshop! This workshop is free and open to the public.

Water Wise NOLA — a group of water professionals and concerned citizens promoting simple solutions to the problem of localized flooding.

How we manage rainwater on our property affects city drainage on a larger scale.  It is the collective impact that can either worsen or improve drainage issues for our streets and our neighborhoods.   Improving drainage begins with how we allow rainwater to interact with our individual home lot.  Water Wise NOLA put together a workshop that lasts an hour and a half to address do-it-yourself, practical, affordable solutions.

 Retaining water strategically on your property means:

                ●     Less water entering the municipal drainage system

     Less overfilling of city drainage pipes and canals

     Less burden on our pumping system

     Less pollutants in Lake Pontchartrain

     Less subsidence or sinking and shifting of our streets and foundations

     Less worry

 Presented by water professionals and enthusiasts, the workshop will cover the following topics:

                ●     How to look at the big picture

     The basics of green infrastructure

     How to assess drainage on your home lot

     Recipes for drainage improvements

     Rain barrel building and installation

 We are planning to hold Water Wise workshops for Treme residents on October 28th at 6:00pm at the St. Peter Claver Catholic School Cafeteria. We will also hold a workshop for Seventh Ward residents sometime in November. 

 Join us and help us to get your neighbors there!

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