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skateboarder1Welcome to the very first Parisite Skatepark newsletter, Mouth of the Parisite!  A lot of action has happened behind the scenes over the past year as Parisite gets ready to grow with new skateable areas, public spaces, and an official partnership with NORDC.

Did you know??  Parisite Skatepark is the only free public skatepark in New Orleans, built entirely by skaters and volunteers, named for its location along Paris Avenue beneath I-610.  Skaters and advocates formed the non-profit Transitional Spaces and partnered with the City of New Orleans to make Parisite a full-fledged skatepark, along with the great folks with NORDC and the St Bernard Recreation Center.  Transitional Spaces cleans, maintains, and connects you to the development of Parisite Skatepark, as well as pushing for a skater-friendly New Orleans!

Crews will break ground soon to install two new phases for Parisite Skatepark!

The Mississippi Grind (above, right) was floated down the Mississippi River to Parisite, designed by Spohn Ranch Skateparks and donated by Red Bull.  Tulane City Center will build an entranceway, seating, skateable features, and stormwater retention planters (above, left + center) designed through a collaboration between Transitional Spaces and the Tulane School of Architecture.

Construction will be phased so Parisite remains skateable.  Expect the Mississippi Grind to open in October, with Tulane City Center’s portions opening throughout the fall, and an official ribbon-cutting blowout in January!

Parisite Skatepark started as a Do-It-Yourself project , and we still rely on YOUR creativity and dedication to make it an amazing park.  Clean-up crew meets at the picnic table every Saturday at noon. Come on out, keep Parisite fresh, and show your love!

skateboarderStay tuned to our Facebook page for upcoming events this fall, or get in touch ( if you have other ideas!  Spread the word to anyone and everyone!

If you want to support Parisite Skatepark financially, you can donate via or talk to us in person. Donations are tax-deductible and go towards maintenance and future phases of the park.

Thanks and see you soon,
Parisite Skatepark/Transitional Spaces