It’s a Bawgin Dawlin

Howdy neighbor,

The dues for your neighborhood association are ridiculously low and the amount hasn’t changed in decades. And, if you fill out the attached form and send it in now, your dues will be paid up until January, 2016!

bargainIf you join now, you can get an extra 3 months of membership for the low low price of 10 bucks for an individual and 15 bucks for a family. Send the attached form, along with your check to P.O. Box 19101 New Orleans, LA 70179

And, while you are at it, why not buy a Voodoo on the Bayou ticket? It’s the most bang for your buck when you consider the open bar, food from great local restaurants and awesome entertainment. Can’t go? Then buy a ticket anyway and know that your 50 dollars will go toward restoring the swings at Desmare Playground at 3456 Esplanade. Terranova’s, Swirl and Pal’s all have tickets or you could be adventurous and save yourself a bunch of time by clicking on the BUY NOW button at

Regardless of whether you just fill out the attached form and send in your dues or buy a Voodoo on the Bayou ticket, know that your money is going toward keeping your neighborhood the best place to live in New Orleans.

Enter dues amount $10 for individual or $15 family.