Halo on Your Finger

by Richard Angelico

I got up this morning thinking, “I need to work in the yard and cut the grass.” But thank goodness, the phone rang and rescued me from that insanity!

A very pleasant sounding young lady named Ana was on the line asking for my help. Her Mom had lost her ring while working in the garden yesterday ( confirming my belief that nothing good ever comes of lawn work! ) and look though they may the ring had been sucked into a sponge of well tended landscape. “Can you find it”, she asked? “If it’s there, I’m pretty sure I can but there are no guarantees”, I replied.

So, I headed over to Gentilly and met with Ana and her Mom. The poor lady was distraught and began explaining the rings’ sentimental value to me and how she had prayed someone could help her find it. I quizzed her about where she had worked in the yard, where she did the most strenuous work and when did she realized the ring was missing. I put all that information into my “ring computer” , selected an area, took one step, swung my detector and Eureka!! The detector rang out like an alarm clock. anaI had hit it on the first swing!

Now that has never, ever happened before, so ring2014oct1aMom’s prayers must have been guiding that coil. I couldn’t see the ring at first and thought it might be trash. But there it was, tucked down in the thatch a nice circle of gold in a nest of green St. Augustine. I walked over to Ana’s Mom and asked if this was what she was looking for? Her eyes lit up and the sadness evaporated. It was her precious ring.

Now, I had a decision to make. Should I go home and work in the yard? I glanced at the wedding ring on my finger and thought, why risk it?