Join the Mob Sunday at 10 a.m.

Get your head out of bed and join the mob at 10 a.m.
Get your head out of bed and join the mob at 10 a.m.

And, you’ll still be home in plenty of time for the Saints game!

This Sunday, 5 October, we will meet at

10 am

at the intersection of

Conti and Jeff Davis

to mob from there down Conti toward Carrollton. This area is always littered, but we can’t promise that we’ll find a mattress like usual! Come help us clean up this neglected corner of Mid-City.

We will bring some supplies, including gloves and bags and grabbers, but do feel free to bring your own stuff, too. That is always appreciated. We will mob for an hour, pile everything up, and take some photographic proof of our efforts.

NOLA Trash Mob is on a continuing mission to change the way New Orleans thinks about litter. We hope that by setting a good, visible example we can get others to reconsider throwing garbage on the streets and sidewalks and make our city just a bit more beautiful, if only for a day and in our small way.

If you have any ideas about spots that need mobbed, please reach out and email us, ya hear? Our address is