thievesJust after 1pm on Wednesday, November 20th, 3 males stole a bicycle from my neighbors’ porch in the 1500 Block of Crete. Two of them acted as look-outs while the third went up the stairs & grabbed an unsecured bicycle off of the porch.

My next-door neighbor has a man working on his house & was kind enough to put himself out there by notifying me & 911 on what he saw concerning the theft. I passed the information on through Dispatch via my radio. I was unable to chase down these guys as I am off full duty until next week due to an injury.

First District Police Officers, Sgt Ricci Fayard, Officers Kenneth Thomas, Dwight Sallier & Detectives Daniel Hiatt & Patrick Kennelly did an excellent job in responding to my call for assistance & apprehended the perpetrators on Paris @ Industry Streets.

My neighbor’s renovation guy put himself out there & agreed for me to relocate him to the place of apprehension in order to identify the stolen bicycle & the perpetrators. The perpetrators are not just bicycle thieves, they come from an area of the city known as Mid-City Killer territory, which is inclusive of S Rendon, Ulloa, Baudin Streets, bordered by Tulane/Carrollton/Jeff Davis. The bicycle & perpetrators were positively identified & the perpetrators were placed under arrest. The detectives advised me we’ve had an uptick in burglaries & thefts in our area & they will look further into these perpetrators concerning these other crimes. First District Police responders did an Excellent Job today as well as the renovation man for my other neighbor who witnessed this crime.

I just want to let all of you know I am very proud of the response by our First Police District & very proud of the fact a man, who doesn’t live in our neighborhood, decided to step up & identify these perpetrators. Granted, a bicycle theft is not a huge crime in the grand scheme of things, but THE TEAMWORK BY THE OFFICERS & MY NEIGHBORS WAS OUTSTANDING AND TRULY WONDERFUL! I love our little Neighborhood & will always do my best as a Citizen & an Officer to keep us safe.

Just a few reminders for Crime Prevention:

1. Always lock up your Property (bikes, homes, cars).

2. Always keep your front & back porch lights on (it doesn’t cost that much, electricity wise).

3. If you think you’re coming home after dark, keep a couple of lights on inside your home before you leave.

4. Always be aware of who & what is around you when you get home, day or night.

5. Have the Fair Grounds Patrol meet you at your house when you come home. More in the link:

Thank you, Neighbors!
Thank you, First Police District!

Everybody be well & keep safe.

~Liz on Crete

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