Who Steals a Kid’s Wagon?


The 2013 Bounty on the Bayou was a tremendous success except for one thing…

The owners of the distinctive wagon pictured at left (that’s the owners with the wagon) left the wagon for a minute on Vignaud Street while they went down the street to trick-or-treat with their kids. When they returned, the wagon was gone.

Now, there will be folks that will say… Why did you leave it? Why wasn’t it locked? ad nauseum.

It is great that the parents felt safe enough at our safe Halloween event to leave the wagon for a minute.

My question is, “Who steals a kid’s wagon?”

If by chance you saw someone with the wagon or saw it abandoned somewhere, please read below:

Hey guys,
As always, our family had a great time at Bounty on the Bayou. Early in the night, we parked our wagon on Vignaud near Grand Route so our hands would be free for trick or treating. Apparently, someone decided to “borrow” it. When we went back to the wagon to start the walk home, it was gone. The video on the website has a great picture of the wagon (green bottom, tan top, black handle) starting around 36 seconds in. If anyone happens to see the wagon, we would love to get it back. The kids were pretty upset about it. That wagon has a lot of Mardi Gras, Jazzfest and City Park trips on it. Again, we all had a great time last night, wagon or no wagon, and we look forward to Trick or Treating with y’all again next year.

VIDEO LINK –> http://fsjna.org/2013/11/bounty-on-the-bayou-3/

John Messina

at 6:40 pm on Halloween

suspects-2013oct31POSSIBLE SUSPECTS