Storytelling in Fortier Park Oct 17

storytellingHey Creep-os,

I see you lurking in the eaves, throwing shade. Well now that the sun has angled down to its autumnal ellipses, we can crawl out from the shadows and enjoy this non-maddening weather with some stories.

(Chosen by Engram Wilkinson, last month’s winner)
…under the bus | …to the wolves | …off guard | …for a loop
or that time you threw a football over that mountain—you decide.

 A live storytelling event with a theme. No notes—just spilling beans in front of a live crowd. Each storyteller has 7 minutes to respond to a theme. Random judges choose a winner. Their story goes on the radio. Winner helps pick the next theme.  

Thursday, October 17th
BYO Cocktail Hour: Food (TBD), Booze, Music (Fernando’s Hideaway)  
Stories start

Due to last event’s success:
Fortier Park for a second round

To reserve a spot to tell a story, respond to this email asap! First come first served! 

From the Crypt,
Liam | Laine | Nina