Election Date 10/19
Ballot # 36-001
                                    Magistrate Magistrate Section, Criminal District Court  (Select 1)
Harry Cantrell #30 Democrat
Morris Reed #31 Democrat
Mark Vicknair #32 Democrat
                                                  Judge Traffic Court, Division D  (Select 1)
Marie A. Bookman #33 Democrat
Demetrie Ford #34 Democrat
Patrick A. Giraud #35 Democrat
Steven Jupiter #36 Democrat
Richard Perque #38 Democrat
Nanak Rai #39 Democrat
D. Nicole Sheppard #40 Democrat
“Clint” Smith #41 Democrat
PW HRCAmd.Sec.4-102(2)(a)&4-704 – CC – Sec. 4-102(2)(a) & 4-704  (Select 1)
Shall Sections 4-102(2)(a) and 4-704 of the Home Rule Charter of the City of New Orleans be amended, effective January 1, 2014, to abolish the Board of Electrical Examiners, the Board of Examiners of Operating Engineers, and the Board of Mechanical Examiners from the Department of Safety and Permits by deleting any reference to such Boards in City Charter Section 4-102(2)(a) and deleting City Charter Section 4-704 in its entirety?
PW HRCAmd.Sec.5-301 – CC – Sec. 5-301  (Select 1)
Shall City Charter Section 5-301 be amended, effective January 1, 2014, to read as follows: Section 5-301. Organization. The Sewerage and Water Board in existence at the adoption of this Charter shall be continued. The Board shall be composed of the Mayor; two syndicate members of the Board of Liquidation, City Debt; and eight citizens who are domiciled in and electors of the City appointed as provided by applicable state and municipal law?