Bayou St. John Wetland Project

Would you like to volunteer to participate in the Final Stages of the Bayou St. John Wetland Creation Project hosted by the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation?

Bayou St. John wetland construction enters its final stages:  Volunteers Needed

Construction is still underway on the Bayou Saint John Wetland project. The first two weeks of September will be a big push to complete the retaining walls before the big dredge gets under the bridge.  We’ll be working Thursday, Friday and Saturday until the 21st, with extra hard work days dredging on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Email to sign up or to find out more.

We have completed our first retaining wall and are halfway through the second. In the next few weeks we will be filling sand bags, building sand bag walls in the water, and doing some heavy work with a hydraulic dredge. There are tasks for various ability levels, but much of the work is somewhat strenuous. Volunteers should wear work clothes and *closed toe shoes* such as sneakers that will protect the feet and stay on in the mud (no sandals, crocs, flip flops, loose boots etc.).

We have been loaned a hydraulic dredge pump that greatly increases our capability. It’s a serious piece of gear that can move lots of sand and mud, and working with it takes extra exertion and care. If you have heavy machinery experience or would like to learn about dredging, consider volunteering for our dredge crew. We’ll also need a few support crew with lighter duties.

Work is from 8 to noon on the following days:

Thu, Fri & Sat Sept 12-14 (large crew for construction)

Thu, Fri & Sat Sept 19-21 (large crew for construction)

For More information, contact: 

Andy Baker
Wetland Biologist, LPBF
We are excited about our opportunity to grow together and hope to see you at our next planting! 
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Connie Uddo, Director

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