100 Broad Trees

100 Trees

Support the greening of Broad and Bayou Road!


What is the project?  What are the benefits to the community?

In order to increase quality of life on the corridors, the Broad Street-Bayou Road Merchants Association has prioritized increasing landscaping along Broad and Bayou Road.  Focusing on street trees, the association has identified approximately 150 locations in which new trees could be planted.  The cost for each tree (including the tree, sidewalk cutout, installation, and watering equipment) is $250 through a partnership with Parkway Partners.  The total project cost comes to $37,500, which pays for 150 trees.  Funds will be used to partner with Parkway Partners in achieving the goal of planting 100-150 trees along Broad Street and Bayou Road.  By creating an inviting, pedestrian-friendly environment, the project will impact all business and property owners, encouraging more of the 35,000 vehicles per day that drive through the corridors to stop and shop, dine, or live near the tree-lined streets.  Additionally, 100 trees will help with water management on the corridor, helping store and gradually release storm water during rain events. 

 When will the project be implemented?

The project will run from August 2013 to May 2014, with fundraising and building community partnerships from August to October, and plantings beginning with the planting season in November, and running through May. 

 What are the goals?

The success of 100 Trees on Broad and Bayou Road will be evaluated through the measure of number of trees planted and cared for.  In the first year, BCC and the merchants association plan to

  • raise at least $25,000
  • partner with at least 20 merchants or property owners for tree plantings, and
  • plant 100 trees along the corridor.

The program will also be evaluated according to its educational component, in that the merchants association and Parkway Partners will work with each partnering merchant or property owner in education on proper tree maintenance and care.  Measures of success for the educational component include:

  • 100% of partners are trained in tree care,
  • 100% report that their trees have received correct and consistent care after 6 months, and
  • 100% of trees survive after 1 year.

In order to sustain and expand 100 Trees on Broad and Bayou Road, the program will need to secure future funding.  In the future, the project could be expanded to include trees and landscaping in the neutral ground, rain gardens, or benches.  The merchants association plans to sustain the program through a percentage contribution for trees from merchants and property owners, online campaigns, fundraising events, and future grants.  Parkway Partners has also offered its continued partnership in the program’s development and sustainability.

 How can I contribute?

If you are interested in supporting the purchase of a tree for the Broad Street and Bayou Road corridors, see the PayPal button or donation form.  All contributions will help us get to our first planting of 5 or more trees in the fall!  Donations are accepted by credit card or check.  The merchants association will provide honorary plaques placed next to sponsored trees for donations of more than $250, which can be a great way to celebrate and honor loved ones.  All donations are tax-deductible.

  • $25 pays for watering equipment for a tree.
  • $100 supports the purchase of a small tree on Broad or Bayou Road.
  • $250 supports the purchase of a large tree (live oak, etc.) for Broad or Bayou Road.

 $1000 supports the purchase of four trees to enhance a storefront on Broad or Bayou Road.

Can my family or business be a sponsor of the program?Sponsorships are also available for businesses or individuals interested in being involved with the project.  Sponsors will be promoted through signs in designated high-visibility areas throughout the corridors, as well as through honorary plaques placed next to sponsored trees.  Please contact info@broadcommunityconnections.org if you would like to be involved in sponsoring 100 Trees on Broad and Bayou Road.

  • $500- Green sponsor
  • $1000-Gold sponsor
  • $5000—Presenting sponsor


How can I get street trees in front of my Broad Street/ Bayou Road business?

If you are a business or property owner interested in participating in the greening of Broad and Bayou Road, please contact Broad Community Connections at info@broadcommunityconnections.org

Partnership with 100 Trees on Broad and Bayou Road entails:

  • A commitment to participate in an educational course in tree care through Parkway Partners
  • A commitment to water and care for adopted trees

 A contribution of 20 percent of the cost of adopted trees

We look forward to working with you!