With Great Wealth Comes Great Responsibility

American dream

Let’s make some assumptions. If you are reading this then very likely you have a computer or most certainly, access to one. You also very likely have a roof over your head, plenty to eat, a job and a way to get there. In the eyes of many in America, you are wealthy.

The folks who don’t have what you have could use a hand up. A small percentage of those folks who could use a hand up resort to nefarious methods because they can’t see another way out. I hear you saying, “So, what can I do about it?”

Calling 911 when you see something wrong helps… in the short term. But, in order to curb crime for the long term in New Orleans, those of us who are “wealthy” as described above have a responsibility to do something about crime in New Orleans.

Thanks to John Richie for compiling this list of places you can help out or if you just can’t do it or “don’t have the time” donate to:

APEX | Liberty’s Kitchen | Fountain of Youth Foundation | CASA | Youth Empowerment Project | Roots of Music | Juvenile Justice Project of LA | Each One, Save One | Fatherhood Consortium | Café Reconcile | Café Hope | NFL Yet | Addicted to the Lifestyle | STAIR | New Orleans Kids Partnership | Rethink New Orleans | Partnership for Youth Development | Silence is Violence | Puentes | 2 Cent Entertainment | Friends and Families of LA’s Incarcerated Children | Kingsley House | Urban League | New Orleans Outreach | PeaceKeepers | Big Brothers/Big Sisters | Safe Streets, Strong Communities | Volunteers of America | Grow Dat | YLC Kicks | Son of A Saint