Design Competition for New License Plate



Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation

 Cultural License Plate Contest!

Deadline 8/9/13


LCEF is calling all Louisiana artists to submit designs for our Cultural License Plate Contest!

A bill was signed into law by Governor Jindal in June 2013 to create a special license plate for the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation.  Representative Stephen Ortego co-authored the bill along with Senator Karen Carter Peterson and was instrumental in helping to get it passed.

“The cultural economy is the largest employing industry in Louisiana.  It was an honor to carry legislation to help the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation in its mission to help cultural entrepreneurs in Louisiana,” said Representative Ortego. Senator Peterson stated, “Protecting and promoting our cultural economy in Louisiana is key to our collective economic health. I’m proud to support the mission of the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation as they strive to preserve our unique heritage and the people that continue to carry the flame.” Sales of the new license plate will provide operating support for Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation.

LCEF is calling all Louisiana artists to submit an original design that best expresses Louisiana’s unique culture to feature on the new license plate.  Whether the focus is art, music, food, architecture, or some combination, the design should speak to our state’s vibrant heritage and culture.

The Winner Will Receive:

  • $250 Cash Prize
  • Two complimentary Patron Tickets to LA Fête Louisiane November 2, 2013. ($300 value)
  • Public relations opportunities
  • Your artwork featured on a Louisiana license plate!

The deadline for submissions is Friday, August 9, 2013.

Please download & read the Cultural License Plate Rules and Guidelines first.

   Download: “LCEF-LOGO-BLACK.jpg” (183.5 KiB)

   Download: “LCEF-LOGO-GREEN.jpg” (400.9 KiB)

   Download: “Cultural License Plate Rules and Guidelines” (433.4 KiB)

   Download: “License Plate Specifications” (97.2 KiB)


Ready to submit your design?

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How do we love Louisiana? Let us count the ways:
1.The distinctive music.
2.The flavorful and innovative cuisine.
3.The amazing and emotional folk and fine arts.
4.The unique and beautiful blend of cultures and traditions.
5.Our southern hospitality.
6.How we write and tell our stories.
7.The beauty and abundance of our wildlife and terrain.
8.The inspiration of our architecture.
9.Our rich and complex history.

Visitors love Louisiana for its culture. And one out of every 12 Louisiana workers depends on our cultural industry for their economic livelihood.

Culture means business