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Beginning July 22nd residents can appeal property tax assessments online at http://nolaassessor.com

How Can I Appeal My Assessment?

Property owners can dispute or “appeal” their assessment
When a property owner disagrees with the estimated market value the Assessor has placed on a property, the owner is allowed to personally appeal to the Assessor for review when the tax rolls are open for public inspection July 15 through August 15. Office hours are 8:30 a.m to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Instructions for appeals can be found on your property valuation notice or you may contact (504) 658-1300.
Appeal forms and instructions are also available at www.nolaassessor.com.

The appeals process starts in the Assessor’s Office
During the open rolls period from July 15 through August 15, be sure to bring as much information as you can to dispute the assessment during your visit to the Assessor’s Office. Helpful information includes a copy of a recent appraisal of your property (within the last two years), a copy of your homeowner’s insurance, copies of estimates of repair costs for your property from a contractor, and current photographs of the inside of your property containing the day, month and year they were taken.

Grounds for appeal on your property valuation
You do not dispute or “appeal” your property assessment to your Assessor because you think your taxes are too high. That is a discussion to take up with the taxing authorities. Property assessment appeals are made to the Assessor because you think the value placed on your property is too high because of inaccurate estimations on its size (i.e., the living area of your home is 1600 square feet not 2000), or that other neighboring properties have been valued or recently sold at a relatively lower market value than the estimated value of your property.

Formal appeals start after meeting with the Assessor
If a property owner is not satisfied with the resolution of the valuation dispute with the Assessor, an appeal can be made to the Orleans Board of Review. All appeals to the Board of Review must be submitted to the Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office no later than three days after the closing of the rolls. To submit an appeal you must:
1. Provide four copies of each appeal and any attachments;
2. Submit all documentation via regular mail, hand-delivery or registered mail – appeals received by email or fax are not accepted;
3. Completely fill-in all required information; and
4. Have all documentation delivered to the Assessor’s Office no later than close of business August 18, 2011.

The Assessor’s Office will send you a response confirming receipt of your appeal. The Board of Review appeal hearings are usually conducted within 30 days of the closing of the Assessor’s Office books. The property owner does not have to be present for the hearing but must present evidence about the valuation of the property. Generally, the Board of Review completes their rulings no later than November 15th to allow time for the Board of Review’s valuation to be included in the upcoming tax bill notice. The property owner or the Assessor can then appeal the Board of Review’s decision to the Louisiana Tax Commission (LTC). If either party is not happy with the eventual LTC ruling, the state court system serves as the final level of appeals.

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