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Urban-Oases-by-jason-betheaphoto by Jason Bethea

The program teaches high-school students to grow–and cook–fresh produce, and in March it added the Go Dat mobile farmstand, a converted boat trailer with a sail-like canvas roof that folds down for transit.

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At Grow Dat Youth Farm in New Orleans, high-school students not only tend 4 acres of crops in City Park, they also learn how to cook with them. To create the farm, architecture students from the Tulane City Center–the design-build program at the Tulane School of Architecture–converted a disused golf course damaged by Hurricane Katrina into agricultural land, which began production in January 2012, and built an adjacent education pavilion. With each crop, the high-school students learn several recipes, explains Emilie Taylor, design-build manager for the project. “Many students are in single-parent households, and often end up cooking for the family,” she says. “If we can give them skills and access to food, they’ll cook better for their siblings.”

In March, Grow Dat began hitting the road, too. For his thesis project, Tulane master’s sstudent Justin Siragusa created a mobile farmstand from a modified boat trailer. That evolution underscores the potential for these types of interventions to build on one another. “It’s such a simple idea,” says Darnstadt. “You can grow tomatoes in the garden, then sell them to a mobile market, and you see this whole small-scale network of neighborhood enterprises form around food.” Narrative above courtesy Architectural Record. More at:

An opportunity for adults interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in sustainable urban agriculture through hands-on experience, instruction and support from mentor farmers.
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The Grow Dat Youth Farm’s mission is to nurture a diverse group of young leaders through the meaningful work of growing food.

You may have seen this sign on the way to the dog park in City Park. Click on the sign to learn more about this program.