New Orleans Tomato Company


UPDATE: June 28, 2013. Products from the New Orleans Tomato Company are now available at Swirl on Ponce de Leon right off Esplanade. This should be perfect for all our Faubourg St. John friends. Thanks Beth

tomatocompanyUPDATE: JUNE 22, 2013. By William Mauk–> Hi guys. So here is the grand update. We of course have our new logo, however it is at Lakeside Photo getting digitalized so the sauce we have made now will have the old logo on them. Those labels will arrive Monday. We’ll be making our sauce available for sale starting this Tuesday. I would like to remind people that there are only 9 ingredients in our pasta sauce. Creole tomatoes, caramelized onions, basil, oregano, red wine, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. You will not find a more healthy or better tasting sauce. Back to our update. We found a manufacturing facility so we can move out of our house lol. We are now registered with the FDA, and have sent product to NC university for testing. This will give us our nutrition facts and move us one step towards to grocery stores. Now we’re asking for ideas from our friends. We will continue to cook, and would like our clever friends come up with clever ways for us to sell our sauce… did I mention its delicious, nutritious and for sale starting Tuesday?!

June 7, 2013

New Orleans Tomato Company: Locally Owned, Locally Grown

New Orleans Tomato Company will be launching their Original Pasta Sauce in July, 2013 once they have bottled 500 units. Their cane sugar ketchup will be released about a month after that and then their salsa and tomato basil soup will be offered in the Fall. New Orleans Tomato Company will be hitting the farmers markets once they’ve completed bottling of their pasta sauce, again which will be available in July. William Mauk is a chef by trade. He has strict sanitation practices in the kitchen, and as an urban farmer, grows enough tomatoes for all these products. Currently, New Orleans Tomato Company gets its tomatoes from Becnel Farms right here in Louisiana. All the herbs are grown by New Orleans Tomato Company.

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New Orleans Tomato Company: Locally Owned, Locally Grown