boat-parade-advocate-2013july4 From the ADVOCATE: “If your mood steers you towards a New Orleans style party, get your patriotic costume on, grab a boat, kayak or canoe and pop on down to Bayou St. John, where the Krewe of Kolossos will be holding its Second annual July Fourth parade. Or just come to cheer the revelers on. The parade begins at Orleans Avenue and the bayou at 5 p.m. The theme for this year’s parade is, appropriately, Freedom! Visit the Krewe of Kolossos website at for details.” photo courtesy THE ADVOCATE.

Krewe of Kolossos Bayou Boat Parade
Begins/ends on Bayou St. John at Orleans Avenue.

Thursday, July 4th 2013 | Bayou Boat Parade 5pm-8pm
Along Bayou St John meet at Orleans Avenue.

The Krewe of Kolossos Boat Parade asks that everyone please respect the creatures, ecology, and neighbors by making responsible choices. Do not drive onto the grass next to the bayou. Take your trash home with you. Do not let the wind steal away your napkins and other flighty trash.

NO BEADS at all please. NO glass bottles at all. Please respect this beautiful spot that we are so lucky to utilize. Our right to have this parade is in your hands and choices. Please ensure we are able to have this magnificent experience free of interference.

Kicking out a huge thank you to the brilliantly conceived and mindfully executed Ancient Order of the Krewe of Kolossos. Please join the King & Queen, Skinz & Bonez founder Mardi Claw this July 4 on Bayou St. John for the coronation and celebration.

Exciting news about the thematic motif for this year’s boat parade: “Freedom!” Freedom is the most precious gift we have, and there is no place in the Universe with more freedom per cubic centimeter than in a New Orleans parade!

For more information about the parade, please visit and register on their
facebook event
Also, please take some time to go their website for
the scoop on this historically informed and contemporarily innovative Krewe.

Creatio, Illustrio, Libertas, Communitas!

The very first Krewe of Kolossos boat parade
was held July 4, 2012 on Bayou St. John

photos and video by Charlie London