Volunteer Opportunity


I am happy to report David Cahn (son of Richard and Vivian) has chosen to do 30 volunteer service hours for his neighborhood (for school).

We’ve started at the eyesores on Esplanade at the Crete bus stop and at Capdeville Park removing rain trees, yaupon runners etc. Today we removed 24 wheelbarrow loads of leaf compost from the bus stop and spread around the Oaks at Capdeville. We’ll be working at the Esplanade bridge and Fortier Park. If anyone has a teen that needs community service hours, We’re working 11-1(perfect teen schedule).

I would also like to thank Robert Thompson and Dean Burridge for their matching hours. We found a sidewalk and a street drain today!

Bobby Wozniak
1322 North Lopez Street
New Orleans, LA 70119
Cell: 504.452.0386