Bikes, Bayou and Big Fun


Bicycle Second Line LogoMe oh my oh, but we love Bayou Boogaloo. Y’all ever been? Basically shrink Jazzfest, remove the out-of-towners, add the outdoor atmosphere of the Fly, but maintain the made-in-the Mid-City mentality, and then toss your wallet in the air cuz it’s free, letting anyone and everyone toss back beer and New Orleans’ best food as Bayou breezes keep the party cool while local musicians drop it like it’s hot.

This is a true story.

What more do you need to know? Well for starters, how to get there. Our recommendation? The Bicycle Second Line. Not a practiced pedaler? No worries. Like your favorite costume closet tutu, this 11 mile route is one size fits all: You’ll cruise at an easy 7-10mph pace, with rest stops at Rouses and the Back Street Cultural Museum.

Oh, and did we mention the Bone Tone Brass Band will ride you there with blood-pumping, brass-beating bike-escorting tunes? Bicycle Second Line is organized by Bike Easy, whose mission is simple: make biking in New Orleans easy, safe, and fun.

Bicycle Second Line

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Stuff To Know

Sun, May 19, 11am – 1pm

Starts at Jefferson Davis & Lafitte; Route map here

504ward Tips

The ride is free for members. Not a member? Sign up today for just $20/year for students or $35 for individuals.

Best part of riding the Second Line? When you get where you’re going, you’ll have dozens of new friends with whom to fest the day away.

Why try bike? Just ask anyone who’s ever had the satisfaction of breezing by stalled cars in the Quarter or at Mardi Gras…