Smooth Move

by Charlie London

The Esplanade Paving Project began March 6th. On April 13th, one lane on each side was resurfaced after a month of preparing the surface. Rumor has it that the project will be completed by Jazz Fest.

Photo on the left shows all of Esplanade Avenue paved as of April 15, 2013


Barriere Construction Company will begin the Esplanade repaving project on March 6th. One lane of traffic will remain open on each side of Esplanade during the project.

Dean Burridge sent in this report on January 12, 2013:

The $5M project has been coordinated with the Sewer & Water Board along with area utilities, and completion by July 2013 is anticipated.

ADA curb ramps will be the items that will be the first construction to begin. A new 2″ surface of asphalt will be installed after removing of the previous material, along with curb repair. The stone curb will remain and be reset as deemed necessary.

Seven day notice will be given to area businesses and residents prior to the initiation of road work and the work will be generally continuous from 7am to 5:30pm. Some occasional evening & weekend repairs are possible. If you have any questions they may be reached at 1-800-574-7193.

One lane will remain open during construction work. Esplanade Avenue will become a one vehicle travel lane in each direction. The lane will be widened to 12′ and it is the city’s intention to have an accompanying bike lane with accompanying striping. The bike lane striping will be done later.

The Rail Road track and subsequent bump on City Park Avenue will remain. Several crosswalks at area schools, along with those in “downtown” Faubourg St. John will be done in a “bold” pattern style. None of the area parks will be utilized for construction material or devices.
Paving announced July 23, 2012:
Request for comments November 3, 2011:
Paving announced October 12, 2011: