Legal Short Term Rentals


Faubourg St. John is a sought-after destination.

People love to visit and live here. There are lots of legal short term rentals all over New Orleans. Visit the link or click on the PDF below to see a list of legal short term rentals in Faubourg St. John and elsewhere in New Orleans:


The City of New Orleans is committed to providing the best possible experience for all visitors and residents in New Orleans. We offer opportunities for visitors to stay in locations across the city, which range from modern hotels to historic bed and breakfasts. These rentals are collectively defined as Short Term Rentals, which cover any location renting rooms for 60 days or less in the French Quarter, or 30 days or less outside of the French Quarter. Short Term Rentals include:
◾Bed and Breakfast Family Home – any establishment having no more than two (2) sleeping rooms.
◾Bed and Breakfast Guest Home – any establishment having three (3) to five (5) sleeping rooms.
◾Bed and Breakfast Historic Home – any establishment with up to five (5) sleeping rooms and can be approved for up to nine (9) sleeping rooms by the City Council.
◾Bed and Breakfast Inn – any establishment having six (6) to nine (9) sleeping rooms.
◾Hotel or Motel – a building containing one or more individual sleeping rooms or suites having each a private bath attached thereto, and rented to a person or persons for the purpose of providing overnight lodging facilities to the general public for compensation with or without meals.

Rules and Regulations

New Orleans residents wishing to rent out an apartment or room must apply for the correct permits, and where applicable, pay the correct sales and hotel occupancy taxes.